éabha mcmahon leaving celtic woman

(212) 482-7394, OLDEST IRISH AMERICAN NEWSPAPER IN USA, ESTABLISHED IN 1928. “It made me slotting into the group that much easier and more comfortable because on the album we have ‘Across The World,’ which is very traditional. “I always looked up to Celtic Woman in particular,” she told me, “because they were doing something inherently Irish, but on a world stage.” Those idols turned into friends and band-mates when she got a call last July.

This was perfect for McMahon, a native of Dublin who grew up focusing on traditional Irish singing and won a number of notable singing competitions in Ireland. Definitely Galway. More information at: celticwoman.com. Éabha was born in Dublin, Ireland on 9 December 1990. Her music choices were not from the top of the charts, as most with most young teens. Then early next year, Celtic Woman will begin a lengthy tour in support of “Voices of Angels” and will have a new show for that occasion. I was absolutely captivated. I can’t explain it. It’s like a trance, I don’t even remember doing it every night. I grew up in Dublin and my family spoke Irish, so we didn’t speak English in my house until I was about six, until my mom and dad decided that they should probably teach us English so we could take part in normal day things in Ireland. Instead, McMahon admired traditional singers, especially those who carried Irish music to a global stage.

[7], Éabha joined Anúna at the age of 15.

For her, there is no great difference from the music the four women make in the studio or on the stage and the music they would sing at their family homes around the dinner table at Christmastime. [6][11], Éabha joined Celtic Woman in July 2015. But I remember after Danny Boy, I looked down and his eyes were full of tears, and he was uncomfortably in tears. The title of the album, “Destiny” reflects the band’s tribute to the centenary of 1916, as well as their own personal celebration of 10 years as Celtic Woman. Just the other day, there was a man in the front row, he had to have been about 22, and he was there with his parents who clearly asked him to come along. … You’re just constantly on your toes, and I love that.

They had just released their first PBS Special that featured a cast of beautiful Irish women singing traditional Irish music with a contemporary flare. So they’re both very much alive in my life. Subscribe to one of our great value packages. This is what makes Celtic Woman so special for McMahon: “It’s few and far between you’d find a group that completely lets you be yourself.”  When McMahon joined Celtic Woman, she found a second family. See more ideas about Celtic woman, Celtic, Celtic music. He didn’t know why he was feeling this emotion towards this Irish music, and I think that’s a really important point when it comes to Irish music and culture. That many, especially in our (millennial) generation, didn’t grow up with traditions and having stories passed on to us, especially in the United States, and there seems to be a collective longing to rediscover our roots, our traditions, our heritage.

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