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Valerian privately believes that it might be the Grey Knights who more faithfully embody the Emperor's final legacy considering how the Imperium eventually turned out and isn't so sure about which agency is the finest or most faithful, and that shared sentiment skulks around the other Custodians like a foul odour. But we were His companions, once. When this name is "Latinized" as the Imperium does, they become the Adeptus Custodes. Unlike Space Marines, prospective Custodians are selected in infancy, long before they have any ability to prove themselves as Space Marine aspirants might be able to. They lead strike forces, referred to as shield companies, on whatever mission the Captain-General deems fit.

Instead, they use a much more complex process of bio-alchemy to attain their superhuman abilities, and this process modifies them at a cellular level. The Adeptus Custodes are the Emperor’s personal guard.

While in 40k the Imperium is so reliant on the warp and its touch is so prevalent that its pretty much here to stay now, hence the GKs using the warp to (try and) destroy the warp).

Suffice to say, the rules didn't disappoint. Questoris Knight Armiger Talon Rules.

It was a necessary part of the ascension, though it was never destined to last for eternity. The first known appearance of the Custodes was early i… Hmm. Alternatively, the Custodians are stated to be very mistrustful of the Space Marines in the 42nd millennium, their (not unreasonable) theory being that "anything that has once proven fallible can do so again" (seriously, they even have plans to destroy Phalanx if the Fists aboard it turn traitor). Adeptus Titanicus - Titan Command Terminals. We were the first glimpse at what the species could become if shepherded aright and unshackled from its vicious weaknesses. The known "ranks" are as follows: The 8th Edition Codex has covered several specialty groups of Custodians, each with their own color scheme and basic Your Dudes style fluff. Newer models such as the Custodian Warden or Terminators also have more cloth material which is also (but not always, see below) this color. The Tribune not leading the Companions is expected to see combat and will hold the post of Tribune for the rest of his life (indeed, one Tribune died during the battle of the Lion's Gate when, While it has often been assumed that they were distinct entities, 40k Tribunes are probably the members of the aforementioned Tribunate. ", "We were never soldiers... To them, it must seem as if we are wrath incarnate.

Why they didn't march all or most of the 10,000 out is a mystery probably because the Palace is the size of a continent and the Custodes were quite spread out throughout that mass, so couldn't respond fast enough to the threat. An Adeptus Custodes force -- known as a Shield Company or Shield Host if it's big enough -- will have a given color to the auramite bits (the armor), the auramite trim and other embellishments on top of the armour, the leather, and the cloth bits and shoulderpad. These are the example Adeptus Custodes Groups mentioned in the 8E codex, alongside their color schemes. This is revealed both in their mindset and training: While Custodians share a semblance of kinship with one another within the formation, they do not foster the same spirit of brotherhood that is instilled within the Astartes to help them function together as a unit. As far as personalities go, Custodians can be as wide and as varied as Astartes. Custodians often have leather pieces, especially the Jet Bikers, and also wear tabards, robes, and loincloths on top of their armor that are by default a crimson red color; this color is usually, but not always, the same between the cloth and shoulderpad.

Hell yes! The plume and some bits -- decorative cords over the leather -- are red (other GW painters during the era paint the cords a sky blue), but the pauldrons are not given this base color with gold trim, instead remaining entirely gold. They also seem to suffer some inferiority complex caused by their failing at protecting the Emperor when He most needed them, something that has dragged them even more into isolation but has also taught some of them humility when dealing with other humans seeing as it was not only normal humans who did the bulk of the asskicking in the Horus Heresy on both sides, but also continue doing nearly all the asskicking for the past ten thousand years. Custodians also have a variety of gems, all of which are the same color across a given army. Accidental collateral damage from attempted selfies. Nobody would ever expect that from GW but Custodes is actually the unaltered (!)

Notably when introducing the 30k range to 40k FW did not decide to include the new 40k units in their 30k rules update. Many of the novels in the heresy, especially those from a space marine PoV, see the Custodes as individually superlative warriors but without the cohesion or unity of Astartes, being "tigers" to the Astartes "wolves". The Tribunate is composed of ten Custodians who formulate policy and advise the Captain-General, but unlike the Tribunes of old the members do not serve in combat, and must serve on the Tribunate for at least ten years. This little nudist colony would have been forgotten were it not for a little web series known as If the Emperor had a Text-to-Speech Device, which unearthed the naked glory of the Fabstodes for a new generation. The original Custodians were the first genetically and psychologically altered warriors to appear in the Emperor's armies during the Terran Unification Wars, where they served as the Emperor's personal bodyguard. As a side-effect, many candidates are driven mad or killed in the process of becoming a Custodian. Therefore, Colquan may be simply keeping himself emotionally distant and unattached from someone that has the potential to be a traitor. In Rogue Trader it was stated that the Custodes had all locked themselves in the Imperial Palace to mourn the loss of the Emperor and their failure. 14/05/2019. Awesome? The Adeptus Custodes (known as the Legio Custodes in the good old days) are the guardians of the Emperor of Humanity and the most badass group of genetically engineered/enhanced warriors/motherfuckers the galaxy has ever known (excluding the Primarchs and arguably some of the assassins, although the latter and even to some extent the former, although OP as shit, were specialized, and the Custodians were meant to be generalists, as Valerian explains above.) Like all Your Dudes headcanon, you can go as far with this as you want. /tg/ has seen some amazing Custodes that use all silver, bronze or brass instead of Gold, or even faux stonework instead of metal. Duncan covers this paint scheme here, but in general: The armor is almost entirely gold, with some silver bits such as the faceplate and some cables and some pipes. Small detachments of Custodians were tasked to. Upon arrival the loyalists were surprised to find, Drop went uncontested. The newer style also seems to use more silver, although this may be the result of modern GW's addiction to edge highlighting everything like it's something out of a bad Tron themed fever dream.

Download Warhammer 40k - Codex - Adeptus Custodes - 8th.

That, or he missed the humility and mysticism lessons. Suffice to say, the Custodes are back and woe to any poor unfortunate soul who happens to have to be part of the opposing force of the Custodians. They also managed to restore their numbers to pre-heresy ones, so they are as numerous as ten Chapters combined. Codex: Adeptus Custodes contains a wealth of background and rules – the definitive book for Adeptus Custodes collectors. Their chapter master equivalent being their Captain-General, and their equivalent of a Primarch being the Emperor of Mankind.

ensure the safety of the Emperor at all times. This is a non-combat role, and once part of the Tribunate a Custode is expected to serve at least a decade, where they turn all their prodigious skills to support the Captain-General strategically and diplomatically.

(Constantin Valdor obtained 932 names prior to Horus' siege of Terra.)

Jokes aside, however, the word "custodian" means someone who is charged with looking after and maintaining someone or something; the Custodian Guard exists to protect the Emperor and the imperial palace. Valerian, one of the narrators of Watchers of the Throne, is a Shield-Captain, though it's noted that he's a somewhat unusual one, as he is more of a Philosopher than a warrior. A showcase of beautifully painted Citadel miniatures, with example armies featuring everything from individual images of models to battle scenes on terrain.

Doing nothing with “we serve the Emperor not the Imperium” doesn’t fly, even for them, when they see the Emperor’s entire reason for BEING Emperor twisted and broken and knowing without a shadow of a doubt that they could have prevented it...but explicitly and willingly chose not to. This has been confirmed by Games Workshop. The main difference is that the Custodians are less in, number than the Space Marines. It is clear from their Blood Games that Custodians are trained in the arts of assassination -- both improvised and professional -- to counter possible assassination attempts on the Emperor. Maybe. Whoah.

In addition, Valoris likely didn't want to commit all his forces to an all-out assault in case something went horribly wrong; therefore, if it had gone wrong, there were still 6000 demigods waiting in reserve to defend the Emperor while Guilliman arrived from Luna.

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