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Allen knowing that your songs mean something to them.”, Now that she has established herself as a highly in-demand songwriter, Allen says she is not closing the door on writing for other artists even as she embarks on this solo career. She grew up singing in clubs in and around her hometown of Missoula, Montana. _g1 = document.getElementById('g1-logo-mobile-inverted-source');

Growing up as the youngest of three in a small town in Maine I wanted to get out and pursue a dream and also still feel close to my family. She recently dropped her single “Queen of Silver Lining”, the catalyst for her soon to release album. says. always had this idea of the word ‘difficult’ as a satire.

And Dan’s a bit more quiet. about it because at the time I was going through a relationship ending,” Allen two producers called Monsters & Stragerz. kept coming back to the original demo of me playing piano and singing, and Dan I had a few songs come out that we’re doing “I’m much more ‘throw a ton of paint at the wall,’ and talk

“I live in Malibu, but my boyfriend lives in Venice Beach, so we try to go surfing every morning,” she says. I didn’t really know why I was so emotional. “All the songs are written and I’m very excited about all of them,” she says. After rising as an in-demand songwriter and working with superstars such as Harry Styles, Halsey, and Selena Gomez, rising musical ingenue Amy Allen is beginning the newest chapter of her musical career: the lead. At the end of Did it have any significance? Before Fame. I’m the youngest of three sisters and I have a lot of cousins and a big extended family and I think for a long time those were all the experiences I was drawing from. I have to work even against all odds, especially with relationships,” Allen says, while

It’s like turning into your own person and somebody else turning into their own and moving apart. Your new single Difficult will be coming out shortly, can you tell me a little bit about it and the album coming out? was really excited, but it was also scary because I was definitely at what I write an album right now.”, But fact, Allen credits collaborating with others as the key to successfully fence about if I’m writing for myself or if I want to give these songs away.” I feel like men get to do that all the time, but if you’re a woman and you’re really fighting for your career and pursuing it and you’re putting yourself first you'll be seen as difficult or whatever you want to call it. That was actually how I found my writing style, because I In 2012, she became the frontwoman for the Los Angeles ska-punk band The Interrupters. That was still when I was on the As I’m feeling a lot of positivity in the sense of a lot more women being spotlighted for being great writers and artists, there is a long way to go, but I think it’s an exciting time to be a female in music. } Gospel star Rance Allen, whose Rance Allen Group drew upon contemporary sounds for such 1970s hits as “Ain’t No Need of Crying” and “I Belong to You” and anticipated such crossover gospel performers as the Winans and Amy Grant, has died at age 71. She chose two of her most successful collaborative co-writing credits: “Without Me” and “Back to You” (which were recorded by Halsey and Selena Gomez, respectively, and which both became worldwide hit singles when they were released in 2018). _g1.setAttribute('src', _g1.getAttribute('data-src') ); and in the right. Everyday is something new, of course there’s all these moments where it's assumed you don't know how to adjust your microphone or record your own vocals or play multiple instruments. the King is “the person in the relationship who maybe doesn’t mean to do any © - use subject to the information collection practices disclosed in our Privacy Policy. also recommends that aspiring songwriters should ignore whatever seems like the It’s still very much a male dominated industry, but I think that it’s a really exciting time to be a woman in music as well because you’re seeing a lot of changes, you’re seeing a lot more women on the charts, you’re seeing a lot more female songwriters.

I started writing when I was very young, I think I started when I was 8 or 9, I remember the first song being about a fight I had with my older sister. _g1.setAttribute('srcset', _g1.getAttribute('data-srcset')); _g1.setAttribute('srcset', _g1.getAttribute('data-srcset'));

80.8k Followers, 402 Following, 180 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Amy Allan (@amyallantdf) “I had

Mark Daniel Ronson (born 4 September 1975) is a British-American musician, DJ, songwriter, and record producer. For “I can’t wait for it to see the light of day when it does.”. I think it’s so beautiful to write something and have it come out to a massive audience on a stage that it wouldn't otherwise be if it hadn't come out with a huge pop artist. and coffee houses and state fairs, what have you,” she says. different ways and make the song bigger or darker or whatever. You know just singing on demos so other artists can cut songs that I’ve written, which has been a blessing, but it was all leading me closer and closer to the decision to go back to singing my own songs. A female powerhouse, Allen strives to make music that is relevant and timeless.

striking out on her own, while exhilarating, was also stressful for Allen. And anybody that is close with me knows that I am not really a crier – but I It’s almost a strange time to talk about anything else. That’s what I was writing for a while, as I got into college more inspiration is coming from relationships and feeling torn about wanting to follow this career path of mine while also being in love and having somebody I feel really close with which is a constant struggle really. It felt very odd to be writing about anything personal or it felt egocentric to do that because there are so many bigger things at hand right now in the world.I think that we probably will be seeing some songs coming out, and I hope we do, that are about social change and justice and that are actually speaking a bit more to our generation and the world right now.

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