bmw e36 fuel pump relay location

Luckily, BMW was friendly in putting small notches on the sending unit and on the tank to help with the correct installation. Maybe you are considering a 5 or 7 Series? Luckily the fuel pump on your vehicle is very easy to replace and well within the scope of most DIY’ers. this may be different beings my car is a 318, but it should be the same. you should have a row on the very inside if you are looking in from the side of the vehicle on the drivers side. Double check your fuel pup relay location … You can perform a fuel pressure test with a fuel pressure gauge. 316i, 316g, 318i, 318is, 318ti, 318tds, 320i, 323i, 323ti, 325i, 325td, 325tds,328i, (5A) Door lock heater, central locking, alarm system, convertible roof, (30A)ABS/traction control, suspension adjustment, (15A/30A) Electric windows- rear (4door/cabrio), (5A)ABS/traction control, suspension adjustment, (5A)Seat heaters, instrument panel, clock, trip computer, indicators, ABS, bonnet lamp, heater, heated rear window, fog lamps, headlamp relay, (15A) Windscreen washer jet heaters, door mirror adjustment, parking aid control, (5A) Light switch (headlamp ps/fog lamps), (10A) Reversing lamps, transmission selector, oxygen sensor, diagnostic link, fuel heater, (5A)ABS/traction control, instrument panel, trip computer, (5A) Engine control module, transmission control module, cruise control module, (15A) Instrument panel, clock, trip computer, alarm system, central locking signal control module, air-conditioning, (10A) Side/tail lamps-left, bonnet lamp, interior lamps, charging socket, alarm system, telephone, door lock heater, (30A) Indicators/hazard lamps, crash alarm sensor, alarm system, (30A) Wind screen wash/wipe control module, (30A) Air conditioning condenser blower motor, (7,5A) Airbag, roll overprotection(convertible), (5A) Interior lamps, alarm system, central locking, telephone, convertible roof, (15A) Windscreen wash/wipe control module, glove box lamp, audio unit, alarm system, (7,5A) Trip computer, auxiliary warning module, (7,5A) Instrument panel, stop lamps, cruise control, Headlamp/wind screen cleaning control module, Fuse 48 (40A) air conditioning (316i/318i), For informational purposes only. Before re-installing the locking ring, it’s a good idea to spritz the threads a little bit with WD-40. And yes the starter turns, car won't start. Check out some of our other DIY blog posts! Did you find the relay in your car if so could u tell me where it is? The fuel pump relay position varies depending on year. windshield/windwcreen is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to

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