can you own a fox in georgia

Each household is only allowed up to 6 native wild animals (foxes, squirrels, raccoons, and some other species). What is known is that a permit (wildlife hobby permit) can be given for native species of fox (they fall under Class 1 Wildlife), which are red and grey foxes. Unfortunately, I'm pretty sure it is illegal to possess a fox as a pet in Georgia. Gray Fox Also referred to as a forest fox, the gray fox is native to the eastern forests of both Georgia and the United States. This means a big outdoor pen, locating a vet that will service. Also, Make sure you can get legality with a license. Jerboas as Pets: Feeding, Housing, and Personality, Lion Attack Should Not Change North Carolina's Exotic Animal Laws, A kit fox rests on a rock Renne Grayson CC BY-2.0 Via Flickr. The Department of Conservation’s website states in relation to exotic foxes: “Other state and federal agencies have regulations regarding nonnative foxes.” The DOC does not regulate non-native foxes, but provides no information on other possible governing bodies that do. Photos of the enclosure may also be accepted. The cost of the permit is $33 and it is only for animals that are captive-bred. Red foxes only require an importation permit. ; Alopex lagopus; Urocyon cinereoargenteus.

A noncommercial wildlife breeder’s license is needed for native fox species and presumably other species except the fennec fox, which requires no permits to keep. Liebe und -Nutzer, wir setzen auf Cookies ein, um Ihnen möglichst viele interessante Inhalte anzuzeigen.

Ericka Taylor benötigt Ihre Hilfe zur Petition „Nathan Deal: Legalize Fennec Foxes as pets in Georgia”. Source: Arkansas Game and Fish Commission. Source: North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission. If your state is not on this list it’s likely that a fox species is not legal and to find out otherwise will require firm confirmation from a state official. Owners of animals in ‘Category 2’ require a non-traditional livestock license. Exotic foxes, such as the arctic, fennec, swift, and bat-eared fox can be owned without a permit. You also can't have foxes, raccoons, or skunks—but you can own big cats like tigers. It is not known how obtainable these permits are. Foxes are considered to be ‘non-traditional livestock’. Jetzt machen Sie Ericka und 1.058 Unterstützer*innen mit. They are an expensive exotic pet, but a person willing to pay a lot of money and learn how to care for them deserves to enjoy these fur babies. Source: Kentucky Legislative Research Commission. Fennec Foxes, the smallest and best tempered of all foxes are legal as pets in some states but not Georgia. Nathan Deal: Legalize Fennec Foxes as pets in Georgia, This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google. Permit Required: No, except for vet certificate for imports. Foxes must be purchased from USDA-licensed facilities. However, the (current at that time in 2017) state veterinarian has confirmed to one caller that this pertains to native foxes (red, grey) and not exotic foxes like fennec foxes. Diese Petition hat 1.059 Unterschriften erreicht. The association of the gray fox with forests may in part be based on the gray foxes ability to elude predators such as predatory birds, coyotes, and bobcats by climbing trees—a feature unique among foxes. Some states were inconclusive because they may allow foxes with a permit but this permit has been said to be difficult or impossible for a ‘pet owner’ to get. Unfortunately, I'm pretty sure it is illegal to possess a fox as a pet in Georgia.

Category 2: Kit of swift fox, red fox, grey fox. Im not certain but i think fennec foxes are legal just about everywhere as long as they are captive bred. For foxes, the enclosure must be a minmum of 8 feet by 6 feet by 6 feet high for a single animal (more if there will be more than one animal). Still, because of the wording of the ordinance, the status of this law could be challenged should a new state veterinarian re-interpret it. This outlier may technically be legal to import due to a loophole, which means obtaining this animal would almost certainly invite the interest of state officials. Stretching about 24” to 30” and 8 to 12 pounds, he is the smaller of the two foxes. Foxes, especially Fennec Foxes are well tempered and are not dangerous to humans or animals whatsoever! For the species in the genus *Vulpes* or any other 'true fox' species. Fennec Foxes are amazing animals and has been known to act like a dog and cat, making them the perfect pet. The cost of the application is $45. Exotic foxes are not legal to possess due to environmental concerns. It is also specified that some Category 2 species require a Permit to Possess, Propagate, or Domesticate from the North Dakota Game and Fish Department, which is distributed from the Animal Health Division of the North Dakota Department of Agriculture. It is unknown if this applies to foxes in Category 2. Foxes can get along with other animals, but since every animal has a different attitude and personality, this varies animal to animal. The only legal species of fox is the red fox (Vulpes vulpes).

Keeping Georgia Wildlife as Pets. States where you can legally own a fox: Arkansas, Florida, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Missouri, Nebraska, New York, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Utah, Tennessee, and Wyoming. There aren’t many places to buy foxes, and there are some well-known breeders in Indiana, Texas, and Ohio. Approximately 14 states allow the private possession of red foxes.

No North Carolina natives. This state is highly unusual in its permitting of all fox species, including those that have been captured from the wild. There is however, a catch. The most commonly available domesticated foxes are those which originate from the fur trade. They pose no threat to anyone. Source: New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, "Red Fox Pup(s) Morro Bay, CA 28 May 2008" by mikebaird is licensed under CC BY 2.0. Just be sure not to cross state lines with the animal or to import one from another state, as the Federal Endangered Species Act forbids it. Others are regulated and controlled with permits; however this is rarely, if ever, given to private pet owners. Unfortunately, this permit only allows the holder to obtain the animal from within the state from a breeder who holds a wildlife breeders permit, and apparently there are no breeders in the state. Foxes can be aggressive, just as any other animal can be and they are more likely to run away as well. The answer to the questions above is yes and no. Submit pictures, questions, or anything related to foxes. You should check with your local town hall about owning an exotic pet. Unfortunately, legal exotic pet ownership is on the decline because it receives little support or cultural acceptance. In this article a pet owner is NOT a USDA-licensed facility that does exhibition or educational work.

This is mostly due to a bias against ‘unusual’ animals being kept as pets and the perception that owning anything other than a dog or cat is “unnecessary”. I don't know for Georgia. One former fox owner claimed that exotic foxes are legal and don’t require a permit, but several sources (with no references cited) claim exotic species like fennecs and arctic foxes aren’t legal.

They issue permits of ownership to places like zoos or research facilities, I'm sorry to say but Georgia is a very 'bad' state for owning exotic animals. The permit appears to be available to the general public, and also includes owners who’ve owned the animals before the rule was enacted (no grandfather clause). Many states’ regulations have been unchanged for years, however, it is not impossible for any of the below information to be incorrect, therefore if there is any confusion about the legality of an animal that you are serious about obtaining, you may need to verify that information by calling the proper governing bodies.

Some states appear to allow foxes with permits that they will not give you, such as Maine and Delaware.

You will also need an importation permit if the animal is being imported from out of state. There is conflicting information about Missouri from different sources. Press J to jump to the feed. These babies would be the perfect pet and anyone willing to invest so much time and money into this exotic animal should be allowed to have it. The following information was gathered through the use of several resources with the hopes of finding the most current laws (this information was collected in November, 2018).

Fennec Foxes, the smallest and best tempered of all foxes are legal as pets in some states but not Georgia. Exotic foxes such as fennec foxes appear to be legal without a permit requirement, but they must have a health certificate if imported from out of state. Source: Ohio Department of Natural Resources Division of Wildlife, Permit Required: All species except fennec foxes. This list is as inclusive as possible for states that allow any species of fox.
However, aside from this, Indiana is considered to be a relatively ‘exotic pet friendly’ state. The animals must be captive-bred, not taken from the wild. Approximately 11 states require permits for the possession of at least one fox species that it allows.

There is some confusion that red foxes are legal in New York, but they aren’t. Exotic pet laws change constantly, and just because something is legal in your state doesn’t mean it is legal in your city, town, or even neighborhood association. The license costs $10 and needs to be renewed annually. This state may or may not allow foxes. Non-native foxes are Class 3 animals and only require an import permit if being imported from out of state.

They issue permits of ownership to places like zoos or research facilities, I'm sorry to say but Georgia is a very 'bad' state for owning exotic animals. The fox - one of the most amazing animals there is! Native foxes (reds and greys) are Class 2 animals that require a permit which is reportedly distributed to pet owners. Approximately 13 states allow the private possession of fennec foxes.

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