citizenship vocabulary words pdf

The fee to file is about $700.00, or perhaps more now. n-400r-0 Before the Interview plus mp3 n-400r-00 Simple Interview (overview: one question for each section) Vigilante unit: A group of people who act like the police, but are not the police. immigrant, like being able to work and live in the United States. Applicants can use the vocabulary lists to study. Convict: find someone guilty of a crime in a court of law. Or Will if you would like to have the name William, Accommodation:  a change in the way something is done for you in order to help you. Lawful permanent resident: a person who is living legally in the United States for an unlimited period of time; also known as a permanent resident alien, a resident alien permit holder, or a green card holder. Delay: make something (your application) happen more Ex: bills, utility bills, rent payment, taxes. Title of nobility: A position given by a King or Queen. The whole process takes about a year, then you get an interview for naturalization. You’ll find a complete alphabetized list of all the lesson words in the Word List at the back of the book.

What to do After You Pass Your Naturalization Test. Weight: how much you weigh (Note: pounds are used in the United States for weight) Tes Global Ltd is The USCIS released reading and writing vocabulary lists containing all the words found in the new English reading and writing tests. Militia: an army that does not work for a government.

Oath of Allegiance: a formal and serious promise to be loyal to the U.S. and defend the Constitution If applicable: if it affects you money. The naturalization interview and test are not in multiple-choice format. Self-defense unit: A group of people who work to protect a place if another group comes to fight them with weapons. Ex: R.I. resident, MA resident. Habitual drunkard: A person who regularly drinks too much alcohol (gets drunk). Self-defense unit: a group of people who work to protect a place if another group Initial(s): the first letter(s) of a name, first, middle, last. ( Log Out /  Military unit: a group of people that work for a government to fight in a war; they may do this work on land, in boats or in airplanes. Vigilante unit: a group of people who act like the police, but are not the police. Annulled: something officially and legally ended as if it had never happened Read the sentence.

Guerrilla group: A group of people who use weapons against or attack the military, police or government.

I am a green card holder for 10 years, because my husband is US citizen was born here in United States.

stamps, housing assistance, or Social Security payments. Civilian: A person who is not in the military. instructional tool for citizenship preparation or as a resource for self-study. Using a pencil, there is space on the back of each card next to the vocabulary word where students may practice writing the word in English or in their own language. Widowed: your marital status if your husband or wife died and you have not married again (widow, f; widower, m). Authorize the release of information: give permission to an individual, a group, or an organization to provide facts. Occupy: to take over and control a place by military force Advocate: Agree with and tell others about an idea.

A LPR may travel in and outside of the U.S., but must not leave the U.S. for a single trip of over 12 months (one year, 365+ days). Current: what is true right now. She is 98 years old nobody with here. Vocabulary posters for Australian Civics and Citizenship courses- politics focus. Vocabulary for the N400 Application * Abbreviations: the short form of a name; for example, do not write WM. Word Abbreviation Word Abbreviation Street Road Avenue Drive State names have abbreviations too. This means legally married. Perjury: the crime of telling a lie under oath. Misleading: causes a person to believe something that is not true to get something that you want.

Mental institution: a hospital for people with mental health problems. Complete set as PDF and separate PNG files included.

Immigration benefit: things that can help you because you are a documented the law. Country of Nationality: The country where you are currently a citizen or national. Domestic: relating to things that happen inside a country Defer: delay until a later date. Married: having a husband or wife. Hello, you need to download the form N400 from the USCIS website:

Impairment: a physical or mental condition that limits your abilities The whole process takes about a year, then you get an interview for naturalization. Applicants must read 1 out of 3 items correctly to pass the reading test. Removal, exclusion, and deportation proceedings: the formal process that happens when a non-citizen must leave the United States because the government believes the person is not entitled to be in the country, is illegally in the country, or has violated immigration laws. You can go from there it explains what you need to do. George Floyd, Racism & Black Lives Matter Assembly, Prohibition - Al Capone & Organised Crime (AQA PAPER 1D NEW SPEC). Probation: A time when a person who has broken the law gets out of prison early but is required to regularly report to the police. Citizenship Resources for Native American Heritage... pdf:   N-400r Basic Interview Quiz Part 01 to Part 11, pdf:   N-400r Basic Interview Quiz Part 12, N-400r Part 11 Overview via Google Slides, N-400r Basic Interview Quiz Part 01 to Part 11 (06/12/16), N-400r Basic Interview Quiz Part 12 (06/12/16).

Charge: when the police give a formal statement that you have done something illegal This is the official list of vocabulary based on the N-400 form. Stationed: A soldier stays in one place for some time as part of their job. Change ), N400 Application Vocabulary and Definitions, What to Expect on the Day of Your Naturalization/Citizenship Interview and Test. Acquired citizenship: citizenship given to children born abroad to a U.S. citizen parent The Huge History Knowledge Organisers Bundle! Bear true faith: to believe in and to follow People become citizens through birth in the U.S. or its territories, through their parents, or through naturalization. Persecute: to hurt someone badly, or unfairly, often because of their religion or political beliefs. Can be legal, like the lottery or casinos, or illegal, like betting on drag racing, dog fights, etc…

Dual Citizenship: maintaining citizenship in 2 countries at the same time (U.S. and your country of origin). n-400r-0 Before the Interview plus mp3 n-400r-00 Simple Interview (overview: one question for each section) Successful completion of this activity does not guarantee that an applicant is eligible for naturalization or any other immigration benefit, or will pass the naturalization test administered by a USCIS Officer.

Labor camp: A jail or prison where the prisoners have to do a lot of difficult work. Citizenship may not be taken away except for certain extraordinary reasons. Can any body help me? Duis nisl dui, accumsan eu hendrerit sit amet, rutrum efficitur lacus. Detention facility: a jail or prison where people wait before they go to court and have a If your Husband works it should be fine. Here, we have listed the most frequently used words and phrases …

Select the sentence that has similar meaning. Torture: badly hurt someone for punishment or to get information. This means legally married.

Police unit: A group of people who work for a government to catch people who break the law.

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