darkwood walkthrough chapter 2

There are two story paths in Darkwood, with the branching point taking place in this and the following sections. Even if you manage to survive the next few waves, the power may go out, leaving you to die by the forest spirits.

Good for distracting them so you can prepare an ambush. You'll find yourself in a new area called The Swamp. Be careful not to burn yourself, though!

Just start swinging. Although you can't get all the way in, you can get close enough.

So if you stumble upon one (or more), don't worry too much. You'll find several piles of junk here that you'll need to dig up, until you find the Compressor Parts that you need. Both are covered in this guide. Also good for storing spare Flares/Wood/Nails. Note that sometimes a bug will make it so that you can't interact with either object. Some nights I only have to fight one or no enemies simply due to this setup creating no light on the outside of the main fortification. You'll find that it's full of bodies. After some time, you'll come to a stop, and Chapter 2 will come to an end. LisaIsBraces.

Looking at the Tree Roots, your character will decide that there must be a way to destroy them. Now it's time to head out to the Village. Talk to her, and she'll give you the key to the next room. You may find yourself facing several waves of Banshees and Banshee Babies at night, storming through your door and killing you. By blending RPG, roguelike and adventure elements together with a challenging difficulty, Darkwood aims to please players craving for a deep and rewarding experience. Released in Alpha 8 , Chapter 2 starts after the Protagonist goes through the Bunker Entrance , with or without the Doctor , depending on his actions on Chapter 1 . You'll find yourself in the room from your Dream Sequence, but the room is absolutely destroyed.

Turn around and head back down the tunnel, through the water. There's no need for 3 lanterns in one room, as you should always have flares for banshees any way. I always screw everything up on the nights jaja, I see im not the only.one who likes this setup, Damn I think this game is scary I've only played to chapter 3 or 4, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. There's really only two rooms that are truly viable for this hideout, and I find this one easier to defend due to a few reasons. After doing this, there is another bug that may prevent you from interacting with your Inventory. Do so, and the area will be flooded with a small amount of gasoline, leading to the roots. After fortifying some additional windows and repairing the fences, fighting outside becomes somewhat viable. Fill it up, and put it into your Hotbar as well (you don't want to lose this). To counter the centipede bastards that come up through the floorboards, just put 2-3 glass traps in the middle, and they will die before their animation even occurs. https://imgur.com/a/LequZus. You'll find that Mushrooms in the Swamp are even more potent than before, valuing at 1000+ Essence apiece. Outside, fix the broken Generator. I set up one on the outside of the door each night and blow it up right when the door gets broken. If you have any questions or need any help, leave a comment below or on any page of this guide. Your path will drastically change the rest of the game, depending on your choice of the Musician's Path or the Wolf's Path. In this case, try turning off the game and loading it back up. Feel free to explore a bit, but I'll warn you - there's a new terror in these woods: the Human Spiders. Inside, you'll eventually find a pool of water, which you can dive into. My job here is to help you minimize the length of time you are required to play.

The Mushroom Glade is an interesting little area, with a house hidden deep inside. Your actions have consequences, and will affect your game. If you completed Piotrek's quest line earlier by giving him the four parts he needed for his rocket, you'll find his rocket here, crashed, with his corpse. There's a hallway leaded to the barricaded stairs, and a branching hallway leading to the Tree Roots. Keep in mind that your choices will have consequences.

Not every location matters for the end of the game, so we'll skip over anything that you don't absolutely need to explore. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts.

This is a survival game, and it will be difficult. You'll find yourself in the Epilogue now...and it's not over yet. You'll need the Oxygen Tank (the one you just barely filled) for this, so you can breathe, so make sure you have it. As normal as that last sentence was, the Human Spiders really aren't that tough to kill. Trade with them for anything you need, and continue your exploration. Looking around the room, you'll find a Backpack with a Torch inside, and a large box-shaped object with a 'Valve', which you can interact with.

This is the end of Chapter 2. You’re trying to survive in the woods, avoiding monsters, barricading windows, collecting items, and crafting tools. The oven door is typically one of the first doors broken each night, so you then have the option to not refortify it and instead use it as access to get out if need be.

Darkwood > General Discussions > Topic Details. Eventually you'll hit a dead end. Inside, you'll find the missing kid. That red ooze stuff that spawns at night will appear, and will cover the area, but just keep moving. Follow it. Let me know what you guys think and share your base setups if you want to as well. From there, I started traveling everywhere I could in The Swamp, filling out my map. Darkwood is a unforgiving game about survival, exploration and fear set in mysterious woods somewhere in the territory of the Soviet Bloc. 100% completion of Darkwood will require at least two full playthroughs of the game, depending on the choices you make.

Proceed through the doorway and down the hall, and you'll find yourself in an identical room. You'll be given the option to "Open the valve". Darkwood will take you around 20 hours to complete, longer if you want to complete 100%.

Sit on glass traps the entire night. Enter the room, and you'll find the Elephants. Before interacting with the kid, go ahead and eat Mushroom Granny. Follow this, and you'll find an asphalt road...The Road Home. He'll beg you to kill the Talking Tree, to end his suffering.

Honestly, days are hard here, and nights are even harder. After deciding his fate, the player must go through the Bunker Entrance to the Swamp, starting Chapter 2. The 3 chairs and 2 little wardrobes are found throughout the house, and I've found that besides the Banshees, other AI have rarely ever touched it, which is nice because it funnels them into the other entrances and is one less fortification I have to spend resources repairing every time.

This is very handy, as there are usually 8 piles of junk to dig through, and some of them are hard to find. This is a 100% completion guide, meant to help you survive, complete the story, and to collect all Trophies/Achievements. This is the last zone of Chapter 1. Follow it, but don't look at the red light, as it will hurt you. Warning: There will be some minor spoilers ahead. Prepare for more weird Dream Sequences! Talk to Mushroom Granny, and show her the 'Drawings' you found at the Swamp Cottage. Now, the only thing left to do is confront the Doctor in the Train Wreck, but this area contains many more lore-rich locations which should be searched as well. Fix it up with your new Compressor Parts. This is a 100% completion guide, meant to help you survive, complete the story, and to collect all Trophies/Achievements .

There are two 'Basement Hatches' in The Village, so find one and just try it. The Elephant mother wants you to bring him back home. Return to the previous room and you'll find a tunnel leading off in a new direction. When you do, watch out for Bear Traps, as they are likely to be everywhere.

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