how to keep a whiskey barrel from shrinking

Well I hope I didn’t leave anything out, if you have any questions please feel free to ask. Using a 150 grit sandpaper you’ll want go through all gray areas to bring back that nice oak’s colors and patina from the barrel.

Based outside Atlanta, Ga., Shala Munroe has been writing and copy editing since 1995. The barrel is missing it’s middle ring all together, so all I had to deal with were the top and bottom rings. The oil I prefer and stand by is called Penofin. Because of that, it will eventually fall apart. I understand you want to keep them outdoor but at least I must insist you keep them in a covered structure. Measure the diameter of the barrel's widest and narrowest sections. I hate to say this but maybe coat it with spar or marine varnish or polyurethane...I would only be hesitant about doing this because it will change the look of the barrel but that may be the trade off for longevity. To make matters even simpler, the bottom ring was still fully attached. When the barrel is filled with water, the liner might crack or buckle if part of it is too far from the barrel's wood. Let the barrel sit for two to three days, adding water if necessary to keep the barrel full.

Respect Beer®. I'm a brewer - had a five gallon barrel that went unused. I mean EVERY nook and crevice. I probably don’t have to tell you but if something is broken please replace before doing anything else. Filling it with water allows the moisture to soak into the wood, causing the wood pieces to expand and butt tightly against each other, effectively creating a waterproof seal around the entire barrel. They make a wonderful outdoor hardwood finish which is made from Brazilian Rosewood Oil.

Place the whiskey barrel in an area where you don't mind water leaking, such as a corner or your yard or a bathtub. Rub barrel-sealing wax into leaking seams by using a clean cloth, pressing the wax as deeply as possible into the leaking seams. The first thing you’d want to do is check through and make sure none of the major joints have become separated and the furniture is still structurally sound. I will go over this important subject as well. It will soak into the wood, and keep it looking good and help prevent shrinkage. Discussion in 'Breweriana' started by Mantooth, Nov 4, 2015. Though traditionally used for storing and fermenting wine, whiskey, and beer, there are plenty of other ways to use oak barrels, whether you keep the casks intact or deconstruct them and use their wooden staves and metal hoops to create something totally new. For indoor finishes use mineral oils and beeswax once or twice a year. I will go over this important subject as well. Unless kept by a big bay window of course. You should’t have too much to worry about unless your furniture is covered with varnish. ... We will see how it goes. Cut some excess liner at the barrel's top with a utility knife. It will leave blotchy shinny areas you will have to sand away. I recommend repeating these steps seasonally but it’s really up to where you keep the furniture. You don't need to drain the water to apply the wax. Measure the barrel's height as well. If the barrel is new or hasn't been used in a while, its wood might need to expand slightly to plug leaks naturally. The material must be sealed of completely for it to last. Teak Oil is another good alternative along with Tung Oil or you might be able make your own secrete concoction if you know one. © Copyright 2020 Hearst Communications, Inc. Formed-plastic liner or flexible pond liner. Eventually the bands fell off - because the swelling of the barrel went down - and the wood is starting to pull apart. Watch for signs of leaking after the barrel has been full of water for two days. The sun will do far more damage than rain or anything else. If you used flexible pond liner, remove the rocks or bricks, if desired, after the barrel is filled with water; the water's weight presses that liner firmly against the barrel's sides and bottom.

You must wipe that away otherwise it can dry on the surface creating a top coat.

Provides excellent protection from weathering. (Arms, seats, backrest) Always sand with the grain of the wood and wear some protective gloves from splinters. So put it on generously, and keep putting it on once per week until it stops soaking it in. Use the measurements to determine which size of formed-plastic liner or how much flexible pond liner is needed. Thanks for stopping by and have great day. The final stages involve fitting the cask heads (the parts at either end of the barrel) which are sealed to keep the whiskey inside. When exposed to the elements, a whiskey barrel's wood eventually degrades.

Keep the barrel damp to prevent shrinking and falling apart.

So, there really is no contact of the wood with ground or soil. Don’t worry it’s very simple. Lets start with you chair, table or stool is graying and drying out.

For long time storage (not in use) it wouldn't be a bad idea to fill it with water to help keep the oak from shrinking, causing gaps between the staves.

The inside of the barrel has been burnt to a more-or-less even layer of charcoal-coating. Old wood will soak this up at a rapid rate. When applying the oil the furniture must be out of the sun. The oak needs to be moistened to keep from drying out and cracking. Where to keep you furniture. So I am guessing you own some of our items and now you are looking to find How To Care For Whiskey Barrel Furniture. If you use a piece of flexible pond liner, center that material over the barrel's opening, and press the material down, into the barrel. If you learn nothing else from this least remember to seal the bung hole. Look online for old barrels, or contact your local winery, distillery, or brewery. Looking for Special Deals or One-of-a-Kind Items? She earned a BA in communications from Jacksonville State University. ON SALE the Best Whiskey Barrel Chairs in Southern California. How to Grow Strawberries on the Outside of a Barrel, Punching Holes at the Bottom of a Wine Barrel Planter, Stil Novo Design: Working with Wine Barrels -- The Real Hero, aka the Cooper, University of Minnesota Extension Service: Container Water Gardening, Bluegrass Barrels: Frequently Asked Questions, Home Depot: Buying Guide -- Pond Liner: Water Garden Liners, How to Convert a Whiskey Barrel to a Rain Barrel. Simple formulas available at local hardware stores. Thats when the grunt work will come into play which might leave you just blowing off proper maintenance. You should’t have too much to worry about unless your furniture is covered with varnish. Keep an eye on those leaks as they should seal up as the wood swells. If the steel bands are not held in place put a nail on each side underneath the band to keep it from falling down should the barrel shrink. I have a whiskey barrel old computer with hyperspin.

Then you can put it on about monthly and keep it in pretty good shape. I emptied out the dry dirt that was in there. Trust me, you don’t want that. I also noticed the metal rings slipping off my barrel since it's been in my garage gotta figure out how to keep it from shrinking losing moisture. Line the barrel with a formed-plastic liner or a piece of flexible pond liner. The barrels' wood expands in the presence of liquid to create a watertight seal.

Don’t worry it’s very simple. Which brings me to this very important part of the blog. A varnish finish will just protect the surface from UV rays and the wood will still become brittle and weak. The final hoops will be fitted, and a bunghole will be drilled, which allows the whiskey to be poured inside. Apply heavily throughout and let sit for 15-20 minutes. Any furniture kept indoors will have virtually no problems. It should fit snugly on all sides of the barrel. Your email address will not be published. Staple or nail the liner to the barrel's top, either along the top edge or on the barrel's exterior. The nice thing about this project is that from this point on it will only … The barrels' wood expands in the presence of liquid to create a watertight seal. The barrel we got was from a local brewery who used it to age their barleywine in, so it wasn't direct from the distillery. The barrel is on cement and the steel surrounding the bottom of the barrel (there are circular steel rings surrounding sections of the barrel) is what is sitting on the cement. Maybe I'll let it be and let it grey. Overlap the sides of each seam with the wax to ensure a tight seal. When you want to turn a full or one-half whiskey barrel into a water feature, however, then taking extra precautions to ensure the barrel is completely waterproof helps to extend its life and keeps the water where you want it -- inside the barrel. The barrel will never be filled. NO VARNISH! Then with a dry rag wipe away all excess thats built up. Once we are all good with the furniture frame we move onto a light sanding. The outside of the barrel (which is oak) has been stained and finished, and I expect I'll need to re-treat it occasionally or just let it weather naturally. Whiskey barrels hold liquid by design. Required fields are marked *. If you use a formed-plastic liner, slide it into the barrel. All rights reserved. Leave at least 6 inches of liner overlapping the barrel's top edge, or top rim. In this blog I will go over the simple procedures and the difficult ones, hoping it will help your Whiskey Barrel Furniture last for many more years to come.

Help delay that process by painting the barrel's exterior with a waterproof sealer. Whiskey barrels hold liquid by design. IF you still want to stand by a varnish finish by all means go ahead just make sure you cover the entire chair. Once you have the chair looking the way you like its time to apply the oil finish.

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