humor me webtoon

At school, the caretaker (who seems to hate Charlie) starts an argument with her (after drenching her in water) but she's saved by Prof. Collins who seems increasingly worried about her.

Dejected, he realizes how useless he is to her and leaves, not seeing that she just cut her hair to help him get over his wife's death. Louis (who has seen it all) immediately come to hear rescue and bring her to the infirmary. Humor Us discord server : N5kD4ns, I don't trust Lisa, don't ask me why. Also, SPOILERS. The flashback ends when she tells her dad that she got the scholarship for Hillgate.

42 likes, Comic He immediately thinks the worst of her and pushes her against a wall where she hits her head. Charlie's goals in life are pretty simple : get her High School diploma, become a legal adult, take care of her 4 y/o way too literate brother and make sure social services don't realize their dad has run away. The webtoon was first released on Tapas, in July 2015 then on Webtoon Canvas in February 2016. The art and story are out of this world!! They let her go but Louis confirms that he really wants to get to know her more because it's actually more fun without his dad's files. Charlie improvises the content to make it look like he's a great dad who knows all about Lucian but in truth, there's no way for her to write back and she can only take whatever money he sends (he thinks she can access his bank account like she used to when she was the one in charge of the family's finances but he has a new bank now which she doesn't have access to.) I don't think I need to explain myself too much right now, right? He seems to take an instant interest in her but she doesn't have time for him and slips away. I don't think I need to explain myself too much right now, right? Her plan backfires and he reacts very badly, thinking she's a fan trying to get closer to him. Humor Me is a Canvas slice of life | romance webtoon created by Marvin.W; it updates the first of every month.

Slice of life 2.2m likes. He's a very friendly guy who, like Louis, is a bit nosy but in a good way.

There she meets Fitz, a friendly waiter who helps her identify James who's trying to drink his coffee in peace but is bothered by some paparazzi. Slice of life 55.5k likes.

She used to have a happy family with a level headed, slightly sarcastic mother, and a boisterous and playful father.

Anyway, thanks a lot for +4500 subs :) I'm really really happy ! Your favorite comics, but in a shirt form.

Her life revolves around her brother and she's very bad at interacting with people without resorting to heavy sarcasm and improbable feats of acting (which she's pretty good at). When Charlie puts Lucian to bed, he forces her to say goodnight to a poster of their dad who is a famous actor going by the name of "Jason Hides". Updates every 1rst of the month. At school, James wants to know why Louis hasn't looked at Charlie's file (thanks to his dad) but the principal cut Louis's access until he agrees to study at Oxford. 42 likes, Comic 82.9k likes, Slice of life It's her mom's and she starts reminiscing while watering the plants. The art is amazing.

Charlie has a bit of time between school and her part time job so she decides to try "Isaacs' butler café" a new coffee shop that just opened. When Charlie wakes up, he wants to know why she's masquerading as a boy.

869.2k likes, Comic The plot line stays the same and doesn't go all over the place. Back to the present, James catches himself trying to photograph her and realizes he's going a bit far.

49.7k likes, 35.4k views Charlie now understands his paranoia but asks Louis to clear things up with him so that he stops bothering her but he refuses. Since most slice of life stories don't have a definable plot, my summaries will be shorter than usual.

Charlie's goals in life are pretty simple : get her High School diploma, become a legal adult, take care of her 4 y/o way too literate brother and make sure social services don't realize they live on their own.

All we know about him is that he's … Continue reading My Top Ten Supporting Male Webtoon Characters. Feeling lucky. Active George and Johnny. Jason ends up accusing her of looking and acting too much like her mother. James keeps thinking he has to keep an eye on her too, just in case. In addition to being an heir to an influential family, he's also famous for his modelling. So, I have decided to write about them again.this will include Webtoons with unique and appealing art and interesting composition. Chapter 4 : The pervert and the borrower (ep 15-19). Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Back in the infirmary, Louis finally tells Charlie why James is reacting that way towards her. Louis then sees Charlie being bullied in the cafeteria and decides to intervene by throwing James under the bus as a diversion. Slice of life

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