jean kirstein facts

[149], While in confinement, Jean questions Armin on why Eren would attack him and is baffled to hear it is because Eren verbally attacked Mikasa.

Luckily, Krista arrives with Jean's horse in tow. Birthplace Erwin orders the soldiers to retrieve Eren and Jean joins the charge along with Mikasa. He also seems to be proficient with firearms, as he is seen using one during the persecution of the Survey Corps. [38], Jean performs well during his training, motivated by his ambitious dream of ranking amongst the top 10 to join the Police Brigade and also his desire to outdo Eren.

[131] After Armin Arlert cuts off the Marleyan reinforcements, Jean orders his soldiers to take out the Cart Titan's machine guns. A group of Yeagerists try to have them detained again, but Jean cows their leader into submission by telling him that he will be responsible for Eren's death if he stops them. [167], On board the ship, Jean and Mikasa are seen holding back Annie, who is in distress, after Hange reveals that Liberio cannot be saved from the rumbling anymore.[168]. Dot Pixis is one of the highly recognizable characters of the series. [47], Jean, Annie, Reiner and Bertolt are put on standby with their fellow trainees, and are ordered not to tell anyone else about what they witnessed. The fragrances are available for select characters, each with their own signature scent designed to fit their personality. Even Beast Titan. In her career, Petra killed off total 58 pure Titans. Here are 13 of the coolest and little-known facts about Attack on Titan. [27] Jean later criticizes Erwin withholding information from his subordinates out fear that there was a spy among them, feeling that the plan was not acceptable, because of the lives that were lost because of it. [160] When Floch decides to publicly execute Yelana and Onyankopon, Jean is selected to be the one to kill them.

Though Floch leads most of the soldiers in a cheer for winning the first battle for the new Eldian Empire, Jean uses the time to consider how many more battles they will have and how many more people they will have to kill. [citation needed], Time passes, and the preparations for the Shiganshina District operation are ready. He, Reiner, Bertolt and Annie follow, and are greeted by the sight of the Titan being cannibalized by its fellow Titans. Eld was an elite soldier who holds a record of 46 Titan kills. [99] The fight continues until Levi steps in and knocks them both, stopping the fight. Isayama said that he likes Jean’s ability to say what’s on his mind “even if it’s something you normally wouldn’t be able to say.” Jean’s brutal honesty not only makes him Isayama’s favorite Attack on Titan character but also one of the sexiest! Jean takes part in the assault of the Reiss Chapel against the Military Police. [98] Jean uses Eren as an example of a useless and a suicidal soldier, who charges straight into the enemy. The group begins a plan to try to trick the Yeagerists into handing over the Azumabito mechanics without a fight, with Jean on standby with Hange and Magath in case fighting erupts. Due to his short height, Connie is flexible enough to move so fast that he can avoid any Pure Titans’ sights. Furthermore, Reiner possesses more shear will powers that lets him revive again and again.

[19] He openly mocked more idealistic individuals like Eren, and saw resisting the Titans as a hopeless cause. Marco was one of the vital Attack on Titan character who graduated from the 104th Training Corps. Hearing an explosion coming from the Wall, Jean and the others who witnessed Eren's transformation recognize what is happening and immediately go to investigate.[48].

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