judy blair testimony transcript

[58] Former St. Petersburg homicide detective Cindra Leedy who investigated the case said in a press conference that "I'm glad there's finally an end to this. He doubts that he would have exploded -- it's not his style, he says -- but does recall a disagreement over exactly how the task force should proceed. In the state attorney's office, Glenn Martin had been watching Chandler as well and noted the same discrepancies in his stories. 04/20/98 Petition denied. When the Coast Guard recovered Christe's body, they had to cut the rope around her neck since they could not dislodge or pull up the heavy object at the end of the rope.
"You won't do yourself any favors by trying to spar with this man," she said, nodding toward Crow. His days of heavy drinking and self-destructive behavior are behind him now. She had been staring at the composite for weeks; cut out from the newspaper, it was starting to curl and yellow. The general manager of the Days Inn, Rocky Point on the Courtney Campbell Causeway was alerted by housekeeping on June 8 that the Rogers' room did not appear to have been inhabited for a few days. Therefore, any inference of guilt for the [Blair] rape from the invocation of the Fifth is undeniably harmless.” Appellee's Answer Brief at 73. He sounded furious. Steffey felt a connection to Jo Rogers.

It made no sense. A woman noticed the writing matched that of Oba Chandler, her former neighbor and an aluminum contractor she was already suspicious of, and called police. Someone was going to have to call Ohio. Several times, he threw up over the side of the boat. Oba Chandler was executed by lethal injection at 4:25 p.m. for the 1989 murder of Joan Rogers and daughters Michelle and Christe. This was not some drama on TV. . As far as she could tell, she had enough to justify calling the task force. For her part, Michelle could not help feeling jealous of all the attention showered on Christe. Oba had called Kristal and wanted her to call Debbie and tell her to go to a phone booth. And what about their clothes? *** "Nobody seems to understand how difficult it was to manage this massive amount of paperwork." Ct. June 28, 2001) (state trial court order denying collateral relief) (“[T]he defendant was permitted to supplement the record with the publicity he believed existed in Orange County.”). The detective left a message, but the sister with the information did not call back. It is simply that they have the wrong man," he said. "Oba Chandler," Schaeffer said, "you have not only forfeited your right to live among us, but under the laws of the state of Florida, you have forfeited your right to live at all." "They were hard-working people, I'll tell you," says Ginny Etzler, Jo's mother.

They all pushed themselves. After all this time, he continues to have trouble sleeping in the bed he shared with Jo.

Again and again, he talked about how much his team needed help from anyone with information about the case.
813 223-0000 I said I do not remember what time I got there. "Pardon me?"

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