kawasaki jet ski troubleshooting

0000001805 00000 n Most personal watercraft will have a hinged compartment to store safety gear, fire extinguishers, water bottles, and ski gear. No special software is needed to download and view this book. A Kawasaki jet-ski is a small, jet-propelled vehicle that skims on the surface of the water, and at some point the jet drive boat will require some kind of mechanical or electrical repair, or maintenance and troubleshooting. Here is what you need to do – first of all, check whether that the engine switch is positioned to the “right”. 0 Download a Kawasaki Jet-Ski repair manual instantly.

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0000033502 00000 n Text or Phone Above three thousand rpm is the main jet. 0000003135 00000 n Reset Faults with Yamaha 4 Pin to OBD2 Cable – Torque Android, How to remove boat registration stickers, numbers and decals easy. 0000011526 00000 n Jet skis are machines that are designed to be used by a single person. Ride safe and let me know in the comments below what problems you have with your Jet-ski and how you have fixed it yourself. 0000002036 00000 n

Remove the spark plugs from the engine compartment, after previously you disconnect the spark plug wires. 2005-2007 Kawasaki STX-12F STX12F JT-1200 You don’t need to bring the whole workshop with you. What then happens is the rope begins to get wrapped around the jet pump shaft until it stalls the motor. 10 Common Jet Ski Problems and Their Fixes. 2003-2005 Kawasaki Ultra 150 JH1200

This way you can save yourself time and money from having to go to a Jet-ski repair shop for something simple.

Due to the angle of the front hinge, this is often a weak spot and the hinge or the lid will crack and break. 1991-1995 Kawasaki X-2 X2 JF650 There might be a problem with the fuel system or with the carburetion, especially if the Jet Ski has not ran in a while. 31 0 obj Next, check if the fuel valve is set to “on” before you try starting the Jet Ski.

In case if one of the spark plugs is wet, that means that the ignition or the carburetor has a problem or that the cylinder is not working properly. To do that, move the seat back for a few inches in order to keep a fresh air inside the engine compartment. If the air gets quickly contaminated with exhaust that means that the jut ski will work all right at the start, but it will get worse in short time. I hope this article helps to better equip you for how to follow up and take action the next time your Jet Ski wont start up.

what to look for when buying a used Jet-Ski. Almost everything you would ever want or need to know about your Kawasaki PWC. First, check out the spark plugs. Philips Hue Outdoor Lights will transform your backyard into an oasis. The little glove box lid near the handlebars on some Sea-doo’s can also suffer this same problem. – Try using an injector cleaner first and if still clogged replace them. Cooling and

I even go as far as to sponge out any remaining water that may pool in hard to reach areas. Use a clean cloth or rag to clean the end of the spark plugs. These are a quick and easy first tier reason why your Jet Ski wont start. 0000003698 00000 n

Decide whether the problem occurs always or if it occurs below or above approximately three thousand revolutions per minute (rpm).

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This is something I come across all the time while I am out riding in the river or lake.

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