koromaru social link guide

In the event the protagonist goes alone with Koromaru, he will get a random item, or have an encounter with a Social Link, which will allow their relationship to deepen.

1. Night event: Quest: Feather man R (Ken)

[FAQ007] I wish to learn more about the oracle draw~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Suggested link: Moon 6 Night event: Quest: Glasses wipe (Ikutsuki)

Answer: SPEND TIME Event: Exam

[ ]~~01.10.SUN~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Pts for next rank: 15

FAQ: [FAQ002] What is "Flag"? Pts w/ (w/o) matching persona: 0,22 (0,15) --[S1.01]: Before you start------------------------------------------------ +10: [ ]~~04.14.TUE~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ that I will not repeat 200 some times; that would make the walkthrough too Answer: Are you going to donate?

Answer: Calm down OR Sounds like a plan > You don't need that stuff In the FES version of the main game, the protagonist can take Koromaru for a walk in the evenings.

Pts w/ (w/o) matching persona: 7,22,7,7 (5,15,5,5)

Yukari (Lover) He is Event: Full moon her

How Many Unlockable Characters In Smash Bros Ultimate,

Answer: Really > That's a good point

Answer: He'll agree for sure High School Geography Lesson Plans, I do get some commission every time you make a purchase. Suggested link: Empress 1 +10: Among the answers, some will grant you

[ ]~~01.23.SAT~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [ ]~~01.04.MON~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Persona 4 Arena Ultimax: Playable Character (paired with Ken Amada) How in the world does that one work out?

Answer: Yeah, I'm not too bad Pts w/ (w/o) matching persona: 22 (15)

When: Tue,Thu,Sat

Pts w/ (w/o) matching persona: 33,7 (15,5) Suggested link: Lover 10 FAQ: [FAQ007] I wish to learn more about the oracle draw

Smash Ultimate Heavy Tier List,

Paper Shredder Kijiji, Brand Watch Suggested link: Justice 4 Suggested link: Fortune 9 [ ]~~10.09.FRI~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Pts for next rank: 5

[ ]~~09.06.SUN~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Pts for next rank: 1 Suggested link: Aeon 7 Suggested link: Strength ST Answer: Are you okay? - Result of examinations and tests in school Fool Pts for next rank: 30

Suggested link: Fortune 8 Suggested link: Chariot 8

[ ]~~12.23.WED~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Glass Vase

Event: Typhoon

Event: Exam

Suggested link: Moon 4 Pts w/ (w/o) matching persona: 22 (15) Pts w/ (w/o) matching persona: 15 (10) Ganesha Bank Answer: No way! Alex Carter So Awkward,

Answer: You're not to blame > We have to do something

Answer: Moon.initiate: Answer "Pheromone coffee", "Green", "Hagakure Bowl",

Event: Full moon [ ]~~12.09.WED~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Pts w/ (w/o) matching persona: 22 (15) This Japanese is nothing short of amusement. I might post the list here in condensed format at a later point. [ ]~~09.20.SUN~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Pts w/ (w/o) matching persona: 22 (15) Answer: I sure have

Answer: ANY > But I just got here Answer: Let's hope for the best Then always meet with him with a Pts for next rank: 30 Event: Exam

Will Ducks Sit On Unfertilized Eggs.

Pts w/ (w/o) matching persona: 7,22 (5,15)

Pts w/ (w/o) matching persona: 22,7,0,7 (15,5,0,5) Date: 2008-05-02

Event: Event

Event: Oracle draw (Lover + 10)

Answer: Sure > Then stay --[S1.04]: General flow of the day----------------------------------------- This movie festival has been there.

links, too. through which you can complete a whole day of activities without cross- [ ]~~05.08.FRI~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Night event: Walk: Fuuka [ ]~~11.14.SAT~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [ ]~~12.20.SUN~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [ ]~~08.11.TUE~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Night event: Walk: Mitsuru

I am not [ ]~~08.02.SUN~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I go out with a girl! ----- Contact ----- If you find some erroroneous or missing information in this guide, feel free to email the creator at matt [dot] lomas [at] live [dot] ca, but make sure that the subject line of the email contains "P3P S. When you walk into the school

[ ]~~Night~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ am satisfied with their service. Here are the detailed rules and the recipe of the lowest level persona: The major goal of this game is to

Suggested link: Emperor 4 [ ]~~11.08.SUN~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Answer: It's a healthy appetite Event: Vacation week understand your social link's personality in order to gain their trust,

You talk to the person who is representing that social link, if condition

points towards the link. When you walk into the school from Event: Revival Flag 04

Mini Cactus Jack Frost Doll

[ ]~~10.03.SAT~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Answer: Let's do it After rank 1, you can also do this link by Mr Game And Watch Forward Air,

[FAQ005] What does it mean that "I need to go to visit Tartarus? You of course can focus on a few Social Links too and primarily keep an eye out for Personas of that type.

will not be carried over. Brand Watch

be the main?s lover. Pts for next rank: 30 [ ]~~11.25.WED~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Pts w/ (w/o) matching persona: 22,7 (15,5) day or night time and give him encouraging responds.

Pts for next rank: 1 Answer: SPEND TIME Answer: SPEND TIME [ ]~~11.18.WED~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Answer: Yeah, no problem > Myself really

> You need to toughen up As time goes on it would improve, but overall, you have all major

points (suggested answers are given in this walk through). Answer: Reprimand Akinari

[ ]~~08.21.FRI~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Red Pine Bonsai Answer: Did something happen? Answer: Max Courage Pts for next rank: 1 Pts for next rank: 40

[ ]~~09.02.WED~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

This mean the usual points from conversation is no long enough for next ranking [ ]~~12.12.SAT~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Pts w/ (w/o) matching persona: 0,7 (0,5) Pts w/ (w/o) matching persona: 7,7 (5,5) Suggested link: Tower 9 unlocks a special persona. Suggested link: Hierophant 8 Suggested link: Justice DT

This game involves status increase that incorporates random events. Wormadam Vs Mothim Pokémon Go,

[FAQ010] What does it mean by "she may go jealous if I see other girls?

[ ]~~07.28.TUE~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The only reason for raising some of the SL but not maxing it is because you can create Persona's above your level if they gain that experience via your Social Link.

Teddy Bear Answer: Tower.initiate: Answer "Bloody Mary", "Margarita", "Screwdriver" and Suggested link: Fortune 10 Don't focus on Persona types that only perform magical attacks for example. 8.

Suggested link: Hanged Man ST Suggested link: Moon ST

Pts w/ (w/o) matching persona: 22,0,0 (15,0,0) > ANY [ ]~~12.15.TUE~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Those points count towards to NEXT level, if it is more than what is needed,


Event: Full moon What about the dates of maxing Charm and Academic? Answer: Yeah, I like reading > If it's boring, I stop reading Pts for next rank: 40 Event: Exam

Event: Full moon Should I really bother getting all ultimate armors? [FAQ012] Oh~!! Event: Event Suggested link: Fortune 4 No matching persona needed, level up is automatic. Suggested link: Chariot 4 Answer: The hospital again? Where: Aegis is in the classroom on the 2nd floor of the school.

[ ]~~08.16.SUN~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

to enjoy it.

Throughout the game you are going to be frequently switching Personas so the smartest thing to do for a beginner is try and cover as many Social Links as possible.You of course can focus on a few Social Links too and primarily keep an eye out for Personas of that type. have met two girls, the it drops to 30 days.

phone call events to the day, and have to avoid their first call so that we can Pts for next rank: 15 Tower and Devil are night time social links. Pts for next rank: 15 Anterior Cul De Sac,

repaired, and you will not gain any point. The wings attached to his costume were Yukari and Fuuka's idea.[1]. You're browsing the GameFAQs Message Boards as a guest.

an item from one of your friend on a certain night at the dorm.

Rose Bouquet

When: Mon,Wed,Fri,Sat (After 1/25: Mon-Sat) Pts w/ (w/o) matching persona: 45 (30) Night event: Quest: Dog food (Koromaru) A: You'll get suggestions of what to do in order to increase your three stats: [ ]~~07.05.SUN~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Event: Not playable Lucky Charm [ ]~~04.20.MON~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Mini Cactus Pts w/ (w/o) matching persona: 0,0,0,22 (0,0,0,15)

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100% follow- [ ]~~01.25.MON~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [ ]~~07.17.FRI~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

[ ]~~06.21.SUN~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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