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After all, just as with other departments in life, they feel they deserve the whole kit and caboodle in their sexual relationships. Positioned in this sign, Saturn would have to compensate, presenting in those born with Saturn in Leo as those who need to learn how to strike a balance by being discerning and disciplined when expressing themselves. July 22-August 22: While the sun moves through your sign, you’ll get to revel in the annual festival known as your season. They’ll naturally slide into an executive position, guiding a team effortlessly from the front of any room, decide they can make a real difference by running for local government, or aspire to see their name in lights as the headliner of a hit production. [10], In Babylonian astronomy, the constellation was called UR.GU.LA, the "Great Lion"; the bright star Regulus was known as "the star that stands at the Lion's breast." Offers may be subject to change without notice. Regulus also had distinctly regal associations, as it was known as the King Star. (For a recent point of reference, consider what happened from January 5, 2009 to January 17, 2010, as that was the last time the benefic planet spent time in this zone.)

If you were born while the fiery, dynamic, fighter planet was in fixed, fiery Leo, you’re a go-getter who will stop at just about nothing to make your dreams — professional or personal — come true. It speaks to a sense of true inner strength and courage when we bring our primal passions into balance and harmony. Ruled by the sun, these natives can be thought of as the “performers” of the zodiac that will courageously set themselves in the center of any dynamic. Full of life, commanding the spotlight in a way that’s sure to entertain, engage, and inspire others, independent-minded, and mesmerizingly fun to be around, you can rely on Leos in your circle to help you see the bright side of any situation and feel fired up and ready to take on the world. R Leonis, 330 light-years from Earth, has a period of 310 days and a diameter of 450 solar diameters. Unless their charts lend other more earthy placements, their leadership strong suit will not necessarily be administrative, but rather inspirational, keeping everyone connected to a message and purpose through their motivating presence.
It is at a distance of 37 million light-years and has a somewhat distorted shape due to gravitational interactions with the other members of the Triplet, which are pulling stars away from M66.

Drama could arise, however, if they don’t know how to share the stage or compromise to meet their partner’s needs.

But because both are fixed and tend to dig their heels in, they can find it hard to adapt and compromise in order to find common ground.

A Leo woman is typically a social butterfly, her black book crammed with contacts, her diary often double booked. Gemini and Libra bring a playfulness, sociability, and curiosity to Leo’s love of pleasure and celebration.
Ruled by Saturn, Aquarius brings discernment, thoughtfulness, and objectivity to this proud and solar-ruled sign. Some sources of weakness for Leo are rooted in their great strengths. It carries the sub-signature of Saturn and was referred to in the Book of Thoth as the card of “Strife.” This card appears when we may be feeling angst and unrest, as it depicts a fray of youthful, unbounded energy that needs some authority or discipline to manage. Horsetail also strengthens hair and nails, again, nurturing and protecting Leo’s glamourous lifestyle. In its core, NGC 2903 has many "hotspots", which have been found to be near regions of star formation.

The lion's tail is marked by Beta Leonis (Denebola) and the rest of his body is delineated by Delta Leonis and Theta Leonis. The star SDSS J102915+172927 (Caffau's star) is a population II star in the galactic halo seen in Leo. As mentioned previously, the sun sign is one of many aspects of a natal chart.

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