love is more thicker than forget analysis

Lexical cohesion achieved through repetition. Taylor and Francis Group, Rotledge, 11 New Fetter Lane, London. This paper tends to carry out a stylistics analysis of E. E. Cumming’s poem, ‘Love is more thicker than forget’; through a study of the following: lexical categories (general and specific), figures of speech, morphological patterns, syntactical structures, tropes, similes, and phonological sound patterns, etcetera. Moreover, the inaccurate vocabulary and diction suggest an informal register, which further points to the use of slang terms—as ‘sunly’ and ‘moonly’—within the poetic verses in question. It's crazy and it's deep. The title of any poetic or prosaic narrative not only marks the formal beginning of that text, but also conveys the main theme or idea behind that particular narration. Apart from anaphora, the poet also makes use of anti-thesis, to convey the opposing tendencies of a love experience. In the first stanza it is stated that "love is more thicker than forget, more thinner than recall, more seldom than a wave is wet, more frequent than to fail" (Cummings 1-4). This line seems to give the strongest point of the poem, stating what love is and what it is not.

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Moving on, the phonological sound patterns in the text highlight the use of devices as alliteration, consonance, and rhyming scheme which add to the musicality and lyricism of the poem. Cummings was renowned as second widely read poet of the United States (the first being Robert Frost), at the time of his death in Sep, 03, 1962; owing to his considerable experimentation with the form and styles of writing, as well as for his incorporation of various appealing subjects as love, sex, violence, and World War within his poems. Cummings’ brilliantly emulates the complexity of love and its drastic contradictions. It's also normal and sane, and it's higher than the sky. Dec. 2014.

A broad spectrum of human expression. For instance, the use of completely opposite expressions as ‘most sane and sunly’ and ‘most mad and moonly’ shows the poet’s inclination to offer completely opposite description of love through the narrow alleys of his text. Cummings establishes that love has a greater depth than the ocean, a natural element of Earth that is literally so deep humans only know about a small portion of it. There is no strict description of love because it’s everything and nothing it’s supposed to be all at once, a muddle combination of individualized experiences and universality. But the most important part is that it can never die. Create a free website or blog at

Words as ‘love’, ‘moonly’, ‘wave’, ‘sea’, ‘sky’ show that the semantic field is most likely to be Love or Permanence of Love. After a brief preview of the poet and his poem through the preceding discussion, this section aims to deconstruct ‘Love is more thickerthan forget’ through various levels of stylistic analysis—including lexical level, grammatical level, morphological level, phonological level and semantic level. On the same token, E.E. Euphoric devastation. 05/01/017. ( Log Out /  Though the poem addresses a very serious subject—that is, the human experience of falling in love—which, according to the poet is at times pleasant while at others almost insane, but never avoidable: yet, the tone here is unstressed (and at times even humorous), probably due to the use of such slang and coined expressions, which communicate the complexity of love in a lighter and unfelt manner.

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