meruem vs netero who won

Even Bijuu Bombs from regular Bijuu could vaporize mountains, let alone this. Shit, if we assume everything goes accordingly like before that means Meruem getting hit-offguard would be here as well, and a palm with much more density and size would be devastating to an offguard Meruem considering Netero made him spit slight blood.

Press J to jump to the feed. Nobody who has traded blows with Maha has lived to see another day, except for Netero in his prime. Uvogin was the strongest member of the Phantom Troupe in terms of physical strength. Added with the fact Meruem can fire his Small Mountain busting attacks, and catch Netero in his AOE. Do you think Prime Netero, the version who fucked on Jedd. Netero vs Meruem: The Physics and How Netero can win This fight was one of the more interesting ones in the show, there was no real dominant side until Meruem figured out Netero's style and even then Netero put up a decent fight before blasting both of them with the rose, but Netero actually had a slight edge in strength and combat ability and would win if he had a functional brain. So take his power in that fight and multiply it by 5 and i’m sure he could win.

Someone like Netero would take care of him without much trouble. Whether Maha was stronger than Netero or not remains to be seen, but what is quite clear is that he was certainly on the same level.

Ging is Gon's father and a double-star ruins Hunter. Any form of entertainment, information, or discussion centered around the world of HxH is welcome here. This subreddit is dedicated to the Japanese manga and anime series Hunter X Hunter, written by Yoshihiro Togashi and adapted by Nippon Animation and Madhouse. Youpi claims Meruem has gotten faster before and he has better speed feats than Netero and the Bodhisvatta himself. I had an idea, I wondered how would the fight had gone if Netero had Hashirama's Wood Release statue added with Netero's incredible speed.

Netero already had the speed advantage on Meruem, so Meruem isn't dodging. Prime netero's physical strength would do nothing to meruem, would not push meruem away and meruem could all the time rip off prime netero's limbs (when he did to had hyakushiki kannon). The Perfect Susanoo armor was easily destroyed in a shock wave much higher than mountains. Interestingly, he's the only Enhancement type Nen user in the entire family, which makes him quite unique. If i’m not mistaken when Netero fought Meruem he was at 20% of his power due to aging and such. When he saw Gon, Pitou seemed to be genuinely afraid that he'd hunt Meruem; he envisioned Gon as a predator (whose fangs could reach the King), and the King as prey. Out of the entire group (not including Chrollo), he was the only one to be able to put up a fight against a Chimera Ant Squadron Leader. Prime Netero can never wins against meruem in a fight. Also, Netero will have several thousand hands rather than a hundred. 2 comments. You are indeed where you belong. Interesting to say the least. Ging's skill with Nen is said to be incredible, however, the true extent of his powers remains to be seen. We haven't seen any active top 5 fighting and we've seen there exists human with talent like Tserriednich (although we don't know what is his ceiling yet). Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want. Prime netero's nen ability was as strong as when he fought meruem because it's power only comes from it speed, which never change. Pre-Rose Meruem wasn't that behind in speed compared to the Bodhisvatta. If you love to imagine the planet-exploding battles of the fictional gods who will never be, taking pointless knowledge gathered from a life spent reading and gaming and swinging it like a gladiator's sword in discussions on reddit... then welcome home, my friend. Netero is blitzed despite possessing far greater firepower.

Hisoka is one of the former members of the Phantom Troupe who likes to find strong people and crush them in battle. Gon's adult form that he used against Neferpitou by sacrificing his Nen makes him one of the strongest characters in the entire series. If so, could he have beaten post rose Meruem?

To be clear, we can use what he showed in his fight with Jed here in this debate? Extravlad Well-Known Member. Meruem is the King of the Chimera Ants in the Hunter x Hunter series and the strongest of all the known characters to date. B1: Netero probably gets overwhelmed. Netero, being relative to that level of strength, would absolutely demolish Kite in a fight. The Statue completely dwarfs the Bodhisvatta immensely, meaning its attack power would be far more potent added with Netero's High Hypersonic attacks unleashed at Meruem. The manga also states that Gon became a threat to the King himself in this state, meaning he was around the same level as Netero himself. During the Chimera Ant arc of the series, Netero displayed the level of his strength to the fans and proved to be quite a challenge for Meruem, the King of Ants. Imo it would be a draw with neither of them being able to beat the other. More posts from the whowouldwin community. Even Neferpitou, a Royal Guard of King Meruem, couldn't put up a fight against him. Feitan's Nen abilities are what make him a tremendous fighter, however, when up against someone like prime Netero, Feitan would stand absolutely no chance in battle. Challenge. Even at old age, Netero was much stronger than Morel. Calm down lol. The Bodhisvatta can already do this and make craters which dwarf its size who was comparable to the Small Hills around him. While Hisoka is strong, he certainly has his limits despite having some room to grow. In his prime, Netero is said to have been twice as strong as he was during his old age, meaning he would've been a menace back then and only a few characters would be able to put up a fight against prime Netero. As far as nen users, I don't believe any have been shown that could beat the king. Meruem at best survives a hundred strikes, then gets crushed. Only a few characters could beat him in his prime! I'm siding with Prime Netero, being the #1 known nen user is a pretty big deal. Zeno is the former leader of the Zoldyck family and an acquaintance of Netero. Meruem wird ängstlich, nachdem Netero Selbstmord begangen hat, um die Miniaturrose zu zünden. Trotz seiner extremen Arroganz und Überlegenheit fühlte er zum ersten Mal Angst, als Netero kurz davor stand, mit der Miniaturrose Selbstmord zu begehen. However, while Morel is powerful, Netero is in a completely different league when compared to him. Even though Netero was powerful, Meruem wasn't even bothered by his level of strength.

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I don't believe any Netero could beat Mereum. Although prime Netero was likely stronger, Gon would still put up a great fight against him. 9 Stands No Chance: Hisoka. What changes?

Idk Kirito can probably beat him with his nen ability "plot armor", The movies are non-canon trash, don't measure the strength of the characters by them lol, I know, trust me, this is a fictional debate, a what if.

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