minivan dimensions comparison

The Toyota Sienna also offers four- and six-cylinder engines aimed for more budget conscious shoppers, with base, pre-options MSRPs ranging from $24,500 to nearly $38,000. The tallest minivan, the Nissan Quest, has the most headroom, especially in the front row (39.9 inches), although the Pacifica wins in third-row headroom. They can come equipped with all the luxuries of a luxury vehicle. "ik�?�6Zu7�qLHĪ�e&Ejɲ$�V�Nn��!WV�!�����T���v�(�@~F�7T�t�t�G�����x:�a��}��f�ӏAk�Cxs���ٓTa�����eKh;��dgՃ"�z�d+�E� �K�Y�*ѹO~���Q������*�? With its ample amenities and solid reliability, it's a van you can buy and not worry about for a long time. Are you simply driving around town as a shuttle for groups of kids?

Based on 134 user rankings. This van is much larger than the other minivans which means larger engine and less maneuverability.

h�bbd``b`�$o��� �= �&$XAb��a,�$8+�� The longest is the Chrysler Pacifica, at just over 16 feet, 11 inches.

The most voluminous trunk (Sienna, 39.1 cubic feet) can fit about 10 more cases than the least voluminous trunk (Chrysler, 32.3 cubic feet) with the third row up. What are the Top 3 Rated Family Minivans? Part of the Odyssey's car-like driving dynamics can be pinned to its low ground clearance. Based on 579 user rankings.

Vehicles based on commercial models but adapted to passenger transport offering capacious interior space for both occupants and luggage compartment. Each sports a six-cylinder engine and an automatic transmission.

Those with large families will also want to pay close attention to passenger capacity. This full-size Ford van is offered in myriad configurations, giving you the ability to choose a model that's an exact match for your needs.

Its 296-hp V-6 and eight-speed automatic can be paired with all-wheel drive; front-wheel drive is standard. Mercedes offers 21 variations of the Sprinter cargo van and 10 versions of the passenger van. For your investment, you're rewarded with a van offering impressive power and utility. It's a newcomer, but the Pacifica came out swinging. Rank this vehicle to share your opinion. A third bench is usually optional for this type of passenger capability. That's somewhat ironic, given the family-friendly nature of the minivan. These days, you can turn a minivan into transportation fit for an executive, thanks to options like second-row captain's chairs swathed in genuine leather. The most significant exterior difference is in ground clearance. Those who are interested in the best minivans and vans from 2019 can refer to last year's list. Vans are excellent choices for those who need strong towing and payload capability, and this Mercedes-Benz ranks at the top of its class in both areas. The Metris has a starting price that's significantly higher than that of rivals such as the Ford Transit Connect and Nissan NV200. Other vans do have their strengths, though. ,�n��uC*b�%1�z��y MsF�J4��>�i���;lpA8ן�&R�*S�������Z���f]����e:�D�Js�2m���ep_���e1@�D1��f[q",�����NJ�*�Cfc�k+�Ņ���-�ș����Y^����b�l2]�ʡNY��39 ����s}�����e2S�j_D����r��9|K&��V��d�Y��n��� �8w-�����b��{ ��ެq �9ɔ�o�q]��#�$�/�Sz�����C�wΔ�D�U,� =βؒXPw�������,�� ����� Remote start lets you warm up the van and get their air conditioning or heater going before you get in the van. Its spunky four-cylinder engine and modest proportions help make it quick and maneuverable in tight spaces and heavy traffic.

You aren't going to find much variation when it comes to a minivan's powertrain. Driven or own this vehicle? Power sliding doors make it easier to get passengers in and out of the van, and the feature also keeps children from slamming the door too hard or getting their fingers pinched while shutting it. We like the Pacifica so much, in fact, that we have named it to our 10Best list multiple times.

The Honda Odyssey offers both four- and six-cylinder engines that provide ample power when necessary, and good fuel economy when driving at highway speeds.

When you are in the market for a new minivan, you will need to look at what your needs are before you actually jump into one. At just 4.5 inches off the ground, the Odyssey squats lower than the rest of the segment. Favorite concept cars at the 2017 Detroit Auto Show: The auto industry's coolest moonshots.

These vans are all front-wheel drive, as well. Some midsize minivans are comparable to a full size van, but have a little less room in them. Stow ‘n Go seating, built-in vacuum, foot-operated power side doors, active noise cancellation. Driven or own this vehicle? However, newer models have become incredibly stylish and provide much of the same luxuries as the full size models. When it comes to fuel economy, nobody is a winner, thanks to hefty curb weights and larger engines. Most of the five minivans are somewhat lacking in active safety systems. They’re all similarly sized inside and out, come powered by V6 engines, feature automatic transmissions, and ride on front-drive platforms (the Toyota Sienna is the only model to alternatively offer all-wheel-drive for added foul-weather traction). Driven or own this vehicle? Minivans are exceptional at hauling families with lots of gear. If you love variety -- well, you're going to find the minivan segment a struggle. These small minivans are closer in size to crossover vehicles than traditional minivans, but they feature sliding doors to access the passenger area.
The Quest and its CVT has the highest city economy at 20 mpg. To give you a clearer picture of the difference in capacity, if you packed both cars to the literal brim with 24-packs of your favorite soft drink (0.625 cubic feet each), the Sedona could hold about 12 more cases than the Toyota.

Compare dimensions between different models of the same make and similar automobiles of different makes, both new cars and previous models. While the exteriors are largely the same, the interiors are wildly different, and they will likely play a much larger role when purchasing.
A full sized minivan is predominately used for transporting large families, or for businesses that cater, or need to transport service personnel. One drawback is cost.

Still, the Odyssey ranks among the best minivans on the market, with more room inside than any crossover or SUV.

ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. One of the determining factors when buying a minivan is the minivan size. Cabin Watch/Talk, built-in vacuum, Magic Slide 2.

We may earn money from the links on this page. Models that stray from this formula, such as the Mazda5 and Mercedes-Benz R-Class, haven't met with strong sales. They can even include three rows of seating to accommodate seven or eight passengers, just like their larger brethren. We also subjected both a 2018 Pacifica hybrid and a regular gas-powered 2017 Pacifica to 40,000-mile tests where they both were staff favorites.

There are plenty of different options to choose from as far as amenities go, but the size of the minivan will determine if it is the right choice for you. Of course, these higher-end options can send a van's sticker price north of $45,000, so heed caution if you're shopping on a tight budget. For example, the Honda Odyssey sports enough room for 7 to 8 passengers, but with a little less room for each. The Honda Odyssey is just 4.5 inches off the ground, and the Chrysler Pacifica is the only other van with less than 6 inches of ground clearance. Detroit Auto Show 2017: Everything that happened at the biggest car show of the year. Despite its lackluster body style, the Odyssey is actually enjoyable to drive, with speedy acceleration and agile handling. The 2020 Metris is a van that falls somewhere between small and mid-size. Based on 423 user rankings. The Transit delivers smooth handling, and its cabin does an excellent job of keeping road noise at bay. So long as you go with the Kia Sedona, that is. Standard driver-assist tech includes automated emergency braking, lane-keeping assist, and more. One of the determining factors when buying a minivan is the minivan size.

The equivalent terms in British English are multi-purpose vehicle (MPV), people carrier and people mover.

The Sedona brings up the rear, and Chrysler rests about midpack in these evaluations. Choose make and model of cars to compare and modify your selection whenever you want. The Quest is the only minivan with a continuously variable transmission -- the four others all pack traditional six-speed automatics. /�y�ˌ��J�;����# Q=��Ά�T�O��K����j/�;��!�֌�ݍ�8!�D` D�1�B��WA�C�����M�#��[�(�>������zv�� It's big enough to give you the room you need to get the job done, whether you choose the passenger van or the cargo van. Unlike the larger full size minivans, the third bench will take away from the cargo area. Vans such as the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter offer greater payload capability, and the Transit has a steeper base price than some rivals. Some of the models in the minivan size can range up to 30 MPG in the city. Contact us today to discuss your van options.

How our users rated the 2020 Dodge Grand Caravan.

Minivans are not exactly making a comeback… At least, not in their current form.

If you are shopping for a new, or used, minivan, here is a quick guide of minivan size comparisons. There's also a plug-in hybrid variant, in case you're feeling green.

To ensure best vehicle fit, please visit with your local dealer to confirm vehicle measurements prior to purchase.

For example, only the Honda, Toyota and Chrysler have available HDMI inputs. Best Minivans by Cargo Capacity ranked by users.

There is no clear-cut winner or loser among minivans where interior dimensions are concerned. While styling and other details differ among competitors, as you can see from the chart we’ve complied below, there are more similarities than differences among the five minivans remaining on the market (six, including the plug-in hybrid version of the Chrysler Pacifica).

We can help you get financing, no matter your credit situation.

Honda has a vacuum built into the trunk, and Chrysler offers one near the driver-side sliding door. They are the combination of the SUV vehicle with the capacity of a minivan. June 25, 2014. User rankings do not represent the opinion of CarGurus.

Based on 577 user rankings. Work vans don't get much better than the 2020 Ford Transit. Driven or own this vehicle? The range of engines and trim levels gives the Odyssey base MSRPs between $26,000 to almost $41,000, depending on options.

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