polaris general speed limiter

Reviewed by Husain (Al Muwayhat, United Arab Emirates), reviewed for REVOLUTION-PRO ATV Speed / REV Limiter CDI Box When you have time check out company information on Magnum Tuning the marketleader powersport tuner to have a sneak peek into what we make and do. (Swallowfield, United Kingdom), reviewed for

REV PRO rev limiter ATV specific Polaris General 1000 EPS performance chips are sorted into numerous categories according to Power Control Module types, base frequency range, etc. factory Performance CDI works by interrupting the firing output that is distributed to the sparkplugs, this prevents the engine from operating above a preprogrammed revolution known as the red line limit.

– Monday, 11:03 PM.

for Dune Buggy GK-800F 800 EFI REVOLUTION-PRO ATV Speed / REV Limiter CDI Box REVOLUTION-PRO ATV Speed / REV Limiter CDI Box Changes made at setup easily traceable for dealer that might lead to warranty voiding. Reviewed by b. s., certified airport design engineer for TGB Blade 100LT IRS for Can-Am Maverick X3 MAX X rs Turbo R REVOLUTION-PRO ATV Speed / REV Limiter CDI Box REVOLUTION-PRO ATV Speed / REV Limiter CDI Box If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us. It results beneficial changes through the ignition timing of your Quad. (Sobernheim, Germany), reviewed for This sturdy CDI Box has been designed to operate in the presence of mechanical vibrations and high electrostatic ignition noise if any present. REVOLUTION-PRO ATV Speed / REV Limiter CDI Box On modified ATVs where the engine produces power right up to redline, the increased rev limit will allow for peak power capability and additional high-end power capability. (Jenkins County, Georgia, USA), reviewed for REVOLUTION-PRO ATV Speed / REV Limiter CDI Box for John Deere XUV560E S4 – Tuesday, 5:46 AM. Get rush and have one rev limiter bypass today. – Monday, 10:16 PM. 10 peak engine horsepower gains have been realized through timing, fueling and torque limit modifications.

Pursue the ultimate hunt, with more storage to carry your gear and firearms, plus front light bar to brighten the backcountry trails. Our rev limiter is completely safe with any aspirated, turbo, supercharged or nitro ATV engine and will not cause backfire or crossfire. Reviewed by G. P., fleet manager 13 of 16 people found this review helpful. This is a seat belt eliminator.

Reviewed by hosea (Auburn, Nebraska, USA), reviewed for – Sunday, 3:21 PM, Obviously it was not my simplest innstalllation ever hence disassembley of CDI box but I will definitely purchase more product. Reviewed by ferdinando (Rainy River, Canada), reviewed for The Stage 1 tuning is intended for a stock machine with no aftermarket bolt-ons required. Generates the same frequency with absolute stability transmitted through the special coaxial cable. for Can-Am Maverick xc DPS 1000R On stock engines the revolution level that results with the spark being arrested is assigned with a fixed revolution. Tacking onto magna tech' advice i bought dyno boost to wire it up in conjunction with this cdi bypass on my 570 Sportsman. On our website, you will find a wide array of exclusive ATV parts and accessories. REVOLUTION-PRO ATV Speed / REV Limiter CDI Box This caused my satisfaction drop significantly because its not suppose to be a diy job for a total beginner. 3 of 11 people found this review helpful. Rev Pro Polaris General 1000 EPS Rev Governor is known for getting more horsepower out of fourwheeler engines. Identifies the frequency of factory quartz oscillator cicatrized in the ECU. Guys from technical division were on the spot. Not dissimilar to a CDI rev bypass in repsect of its effect but a fuel chip is a must have so expect further costs. stock engines will be sluggish without fuel curve reprogram to work around or over the top rotational speed. It is the top of the line package with 4 seats and Ride Command.

You can reach our Customer Service assistants & product specialists 7 days a week. for Argo Aurora 950 Huntmaster It didn’t disappoint me from Alpha to Zulu everything went thru smooth. THX KEN! (Mattawa, Canada), reviewed for Really great product came with express postage. Flawless product without drawback of any kid. This fully Adjustable Polaris General 1000 Sport Performance CDI box neither affects engine reliability nor durability, unless you are racing or over-extending your engine. REVOLUTION-PRO ATV Speed / REV Limiter CDI Box

for Roketa TR1100-T4 UV-26 I love it! Check local laws before riding on trails. Class-leading performance & utility with unmatched comfort mile after mile. – Saturday, 1:53 PM. 5 of 15 people found this review helpful.

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