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It was said that more than 100 men tried out for the unit, but Rescorla only picked 15. Air Calvary Regiment, along with Rick Rescorla, were sent to Vietnam in 1965. Written by Rick Rescorla, born as Cyril Richard Rescorla, was a United States Army officer as well as private security officer of British origin. That’s is the biggest thing of all and puts everything else in crystal clear perspective. [3], Rescorla was uncomfortable about being portrayed as a war hero. [9] Because his old American friend from Northern Rhodesia, Daniel Hill, was trained in counterterrorism, in 1990, Rescorla asked him to visit the World Trade Center to assess its security. Rescorla and Betsy divorced after their children were grown. After Rick received his B.A., he  continued his studies and received a Master of Arts degree in English and a law degree from the Oklahoma City University School of Law.

He also was fascinated with the American West and was interested in experiencing the spiritual aspects of AmerIndian culture. Rick Rescorla was alarmed. Their first child was born in South Carolina in 1976. Although he had given some interviews to his Vietnam commander, Harold Moore, for his 1992 book, We Were Soldiers Once… And Young, Rescorla chose not to read it when he saw that its cover featured a combat photograph of him. After the planes hit on 9/11, Morgan Stanley security chief Rick Rescorla put into effect plans that he had developed years before. At least the medal presented today is start of the recognition long overdue for this hero. On a personal note, Rescorla was a romantic man who loved his second wife very dearly. They made a movie of his book. I’m sure there is a reason. [4] Young Rescorla idolized the U.S. soldiers and wanted to become a soldier because of them. Rick Rescorla—born a Brit (in Cornwall) who became an American (and fought in Vietnam)—was worried about the safety of New York City’s World Trade Center. A 2002 biography of the great military man titled ‘Heart of a Soldier’ by James B. Stewart was described by the Time Magazine as "The best non-fiction book of the year".

I am the guy who cries at the end of “It’s a Wonderful Life” every time, but still… I can’t believe how many times I start tearing up when I watch the heartfelt events held by this President. It first appeared in Canada Free Press on Sept. 1o, 2011. The picture was made during the battle of the Ia Drang Valley and it depicted a young Second Lieutenant, Rick Rescorla. Fellow co-workers pleaded with him to leave the tower. Under his direction, two guards would patrol each of the 21 floors occupied by the firm. They later honeymooned in Hayle, Cornwall, in May 2000. The town of Hayle, Cornwall also held a memorial service that was attended by the head of Morgan Stanley in London. With Benedict Cumberbatch, David Bedella, Rick Rescorla, Susan Rescorla. On September 11, 2001, at 8.46 am, American Airlines flight 11 struck the North Tower of the World Trade Center. When Rescorla asked Hill how he would attack the building were he a terrorist, Hill asked to see the basement, and after the two walked down to the basement parking garage without being stopped by any visible security, Hill pointed to an easily accessible load-bearing column, and said, "This is a soft touch. Given the wait was so long, I’d guessed he was meeting with the family. Men of Harlech: Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your WordPress.com account. That this country, as well as the UK, can produce a man such as this gives me hope on even the darkest days. Rescorla was among the first to jump from the Huey while they were still under fire. Rescorla witnessed the tower burning from his office window in the South Tower of the Trade Center. Note: I wrote this column on the 10th anniversary of the September 11 terrorist attacks, after sharing several conversations with Susan Rescorla, widow of Rick Rescorla. He contacted a friend, Daniel Hill from Rhodesia who specialized in counterterrorism, and together, they assessed the security of the WTC. Rescorla's office was on the 44th floor of the South Tower. This week marked the 19th anniversary of the bombing of the Twin Towers in New York City. And may the day come when all Americans can witness to their heroes freely and openly, without fear of punishment, and in open discourse and manly/mature interaction. Hal Moore, who had co-authored “We Were Soldiers Once and Young” with Joe Calloway. In 2008, a statue of him was unveiled at Fort Benning, Georgia. He was British born and a ex-Brit Paratrooper. I never knew this story and wept while hearing it. "Rick", as he would thereafter be known, enlisted in the United States Army in 1963 and after basic training at Fort Dix, he attended Officer Candidate School and airborne training at Fort Benning. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. The year was 1992 and I was at a book signing and listening to a soft-spoken, old soldier tell me about the book he had written. May Mr. Rescorla never be forgotten. His remains were never found. As we chatted while he signed my copy of his book, I could sense the courage and strong character behind those steel blue eyes. WH Livestream Link – Alternate Livestream Link – Fox News Livestream Link, This President is like none other and has seemingly unlimited energy. Rick’s remains were never found and he was declared dead three weeks after the attacks. American intelligence had learned that a large company of North Vietnamese regulars [NVA] had infiltrated the Central Highlands area of Vietnam. "In 2001, Rick Rescorla was the 62-year-old head of security at the Morgan Stanley Bank. Rescorla’s duties changed after arriving in Vietnam and he became a liaison officer with new responsibilities. He was still undergoing painful treatments that year when he met Susan Greer while out jogging barefoot near his Morristown, N. J. home. That voice that boomed out songs could also boom out commands when the time came. As a platoon leader of young American soldiers, Rick Rescorla had one major advantage – he knew war and they did not. As we approach the 19th anniversary of 9/11, I'm sharing Rick's story again, just as I promised Susan I would do each year. "[3] That year, Rescorla and Hill wrote a report to the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, which owns the site, insisting on the need for more security in the parking garage. I thanked Gen. Moore for the book and for his service to our country. | Add your comment, In the regular season finale, the Andalusia Bulldogs played host to the Brantley Bulldogs in a last-season addition to the schedule. While the Port Authority seemed to take a cavalier attitude where the threat of terrorism was concerned, Morgan Stanley did not, allowing Rescorla to develop and execute his own evacuation training. During their first night, Rescorla and his men repositioned their machine guns and artillery and dug new foxholes behind their current ones, while booby trapping the old ones.

How beautiful. We pause this week in remembrance of a Hero of 9/11, who was also a Hero of the Vietnam War.]. “Today is a day to be proud to be an American, tomorrow the world will be looking at you,” he told them.

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