samoan funeral songs

I like this - being close to family after death and always in mind, rather than some remote plot that might get visited on birthdays 5 years down the track. He is the original composer Sopoaga was a faifeau in vaovai falealili at the time and had 10 children he wrote this song about Timo who drowned.

I pay homage to the elder samoan freelance song writers for their gift, their songs have been passed down so many generations and will continue to do so. The mind governed by the flesh is hostile to God; it does not submit to Godʼs law, nor can it do so. One question:What was the date that she wrote the song? Hope you’ll come up with some interesting facts regarding the origin of this song.

Talofa Sapphira — you posted Timo was drowned and Sopoaga said Timo fell from a coconut tree? Oi si a’u Rosa e, by MPS) and church music (e.g. When choosing funeral music, listen to the songs first so as to be sure that they are appropriate. It has been our tradition to borrow a popular tune for special occasions/services and words can be changed accordingly. According to retired Prof. Ueta Solomona (University of Fiji), his uncle Karauna Solomona was adopted by LMS missionaries (late 1800s?) I also have new knowledge that sopoaga is also from faleasiu from the maiava family where his family took music lessons as sopoaga was a pianist his nephews and grandchildren had a band called ‘matagi mai sasae’ from poutini sa’anapu where the song ‘ le matagie ,ua agi malu mai’ originated from. He said, Solomona, their father, Faifeau LMS of Apia, befriended/faauo with some German musicians (must be during the occupation of Samoa by Germany) who taught music to his children, these musicians brought various instruments like, brass, strings, piano & percussion. Mike said, "The stake president didn't give the closing prayer, he gave a talk!" I can also stop by in Falealili to view Rev. I guess you would compare this to a viewing. You can see a fine mat that has been unfolded and shown off, then refolded and given to the family. Keeping a few things in mind will help you select the most suitable funeral music. My wife Diana and I will visit Samoa again next year to conduct choral workshops for church choirs and more research in church music. He had a booming voice and we were sure he had much power and authority. Faauta o le mea matua lelei…; Aue ta fefe; etc). That is why I wanted to know if Timo was a son/daughter or member of the church. I can give you many examples. Manuia le aso, Malo lava Sapphira, It’s very interesting if we look at the first verse “Mo’omo’oga sa molia….ta nonofo faatasi i lenei olaga” (it was a wish/prayer of a woman that she lived together — ta nonofo — with her together in this life) and the ending lines of ‘tali’ (Musu e… La’u penina, la’u pele toatasi (my pearl, my only dearest one). Talofa Phaira – Did you travel to Samoa?

They would sing off and on through out the day and every minute during the night. Yes the EFKS in Christchurch did pay tribute, that EFKS the Faifeau Tumama Vili is a relative of mine from my Grand Mothers side. Sign in. This man was kind of like a master of ceremony.

My neighbors are Samoan and nice people. This is the traditional Samoan burial custom. Most of the lyrics on this site were submitted by fans of Samoan music, so the words might not be entirely correct… and we may not know who originally composed the song. Many of my music are borrowed by others and then they insert other words to fit a special occasion (e.g. Talofa Phaira.

Stream LDS SAMOAN FUNERAL SONG - PIANO ARRANGEMENT BY DINI TUILETOA at BISHOP NISAS HUZE by Dj YEAh from desktop or your mobile device This was done in an exchange between the village leaders of the sister who had passed away and the village leaders of her husband.
We were able to share with the guards, the temple presidency, a random taxi driver, the Assistants to the President and still have left-overs.

It reminds me of a well-known composer Talitimu Toleafoa who wrote many traditional songs for many villages (e.g. I know the Seumanutafa family in Apia — I’m related to them. Other verses have the names of the village members of that generation that still have decendants alive today.

Rev. Tumama Vili is currently an EFKS Faifeau in Christchurch, he is the Toeaina of the EFKS community meaning that he is the overseer of all the South Island EFKS in New Zealand. It’s a very beautiful one at that. They are known for their traditional love songs (e.g. Mo’omo’oga sa molia i talosaga sa nofonofo fa’atasi i lenei olaga A o lenei ua vala’au ina oe e Ieova o lo taua leoleo mamoe, Musu e fo’i atu ma le tagi Manatua aiga o lo’o fa’atali Ua vala’au ina e oe e le Tupu i le Lagi O la’u penina o oe la’u pele tasi, Faimai Paulo, o le Kerisiano e fa’amaoni Faatigaina puapuaga se’i oo i le oti Nofo i tugamau o tatou tino e oli’oli Fetaui i le Lagi o loo o i ai lou ta nu’u moni, Musu e fo’i atu ma le tagi Manatua aiga o lo’o faatali Ua vala’uina e oe e le Tupu i le Lagi O la’u penina o oe la’u pele tasi, A’e ulufale i le nu’u tumau ua e ai le manuia e sau tua selau O i ai ma le ola fo’i e fa’avavau fa’atali pea ia i lo’u Matai pe a vala’au mai, Musu e fo’i atu ma le tagi Manatua aiga o lo’o fa’atali Ua vala’auina e oe e le Tupu i le Lagi O lo’u penina o oe la’u pele tasi. Since songs play a huge role is setting the mood of the whole occasion, it is imperative that you carefully select what is to be played. This is another view of the fale which held the casket. It is okay as long as they acknowledge the person who wrote the music/words. Honestly I absolutely hate it when people try and claim my families songs as there own which is why I’m so happy that you’ve posted your comment. You’ll be surprised that some of the most beautiful songs were written by prisoners who loved to quote bible verses.
Important information was recorded, some recorded incorrectly and some lost which is unfortunate. Once we get 10 nominations for each category, we’ll set up a poll to find the best of the best.

Correct me if Im wrong is this “Eseta Palamo” born in 1882 -1950? When we arrived home, we thought we should take a picture to show you all the food they sent home for us. During the political struggle with New Zealand in the 1920s, Karauna became a very strong member of the Mau organization. Christchurch EFKS a few years back had recently recorded it and paid tribute to the original composer. Last Update: 2019-12-10 Usage Frequency:. Songs, stories and myths and ledgends, gafa in Samoa were generally passed down through generation by firstly taloaga/spoken word. Some villages have cemetaries, but not many. Do you know where Lila’s name originated from? This man is standing in the grave and they are tiling the sides. Include these song selections in the playlist. I told you the tomb in Vaovai Falealili ? We want to know your Samoan song choices for the following scenarios. I’d post my lineage but that doesn’t matter.

We attended the last day, when the service for the community was conducted, as well as the burial. Forums like these help provoke conversation and consider the facts and authenticity as mentioned by Paul & Sapphira. I totally agree with you, hopefully with the new findings wont open a world war 3 lol Sopoaga and Eseta are probably from the same generation. Today, there is copyright law in Samoa that prohibits this practice. It was their brother's wife who passed away. Karauna wrote a requiem (Vi’i) for Robert Louis Stevenson died in 1894. If you will be having a religious ceremony during the funeral service, talk to the leaders who are in charge. Thank you much Seumanutafa Sopoaga. I le ava ma le faaaloalo tele, Faafetai Seumanutafa Sopoaga, I too agree with you that people should not take credit for stuff that is not theirs. Lota Nu’u ua ou fanau ai, by MPS). Headstones Starting From $3,000 Up : About Us Contact Us Blogs : Toll: 1-800-742-0496 Thank you for mentioning this.

We don’t want to offend anyone but it’s a fact that borrowing music/words has been a common practice since the mid-1800’s.

Alofaaga. Solomona Lila Solomona (Karauna’s nephew… ). Anyone can change the words to fit its purpose but it cannot take away the uniqueness of the original words.

Mo'omo'oga sa molia i talosaga sa nofonofo fa'atasi i lenei olaga A o lenei ua vala'au ina oe e Ieova o lo taua leoleo... Adeaze's version of the Eric Clapton classic Would you know my name if I saw you in heaven?

If so what? Do you have the exact year and age that she wrote the song please?And then we can compare dates, If this is the correct Eseta I beleive Sopoaga was born earlier than her and deceased earlier than she. WTF no way bro. who had ten children. This plexiglass covering went on top, after the body was placed inside. Did we tell you that Samoans bury their dead in their front yards? Review the lyrics of the song. They are holding yards and yards of fabric which they carried up the stairs and placed around the casket area. Use a hymn book to also get good song choices Hope you’ll come up with some interesting facts regarding the origin of this song.

Was he a son/daughter or church member?

Who knows…Karauna and Eseta might be related or friends? Sopoaga may have borrowed this song / lament in remembrance of Timo’s tragic death. Song of a lost love La'u lupe ua lele, lele i le vao mao Talofa e i la'u pele, la'u pele ua leiloa Ta'agae o teine o loo ua gasolo mai Ou mata e tilotilo e te le o sau ai Tali: Ua to'ulu'ulu mai o le sau mai Heremoni e Ua... You'll hear this beautiful lament at just about every Samoan funeral. It reminds me of a well-known composer Talitimu Toleafoa who wrote many traditional songs for many villages (e.g. Songs are usually played in most funerals. And Linda, how did you keep your eyes closed for what must have been at least half an hour??!! The mind governed by the flesh is death, but the mind governed by the Spirit is life and peace. Another verse also talks about when the village were running to the scene.

Talofa Solomona Lila Solomona – I’ve just read your comments. His name is Sopoaga Unetera, he was a Faifeau of EFKS but back then it was called LMS. Talofa Sapphira, I really appreciate your input and I agree that our history, etc were passed via music/talanoaga. I will hopefully be in Samoa in Dec-Jan so I will definetly go to Vaimoso and further my knowledge. Also, keep in mind what their favorite songs were or which artists they liked. Many musicians have borrowed their music and changed words for special occasions.

I remember a lot from growing up there though I will only list a few as we have many traditions in Samoa. Samoan Funeral Mike and I marked off another first on our list today.

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