starbound frackin universe getting started quest

You will get another quest called "Tutorial IV: Food Fight". Getting Started is a quest which is given to players after initializing their ship computer. You need 2 Iron Bars, 2 Copper Bars, and 4 Paper. Obtaining the quests in either manner give the same rewards. Other quests to instance dungeons are found from Strange Maps. Let's get all that loot, the fast way! If you cannot reach one, you've missed something. Use the Machining Table to make Wire. Then open the basic crafting menu with C, click wood planks and craft 35 of them. A new quest will show up called "Tutorial III: Prepare Yourself". Repairing the gate requires 20 core fragments, which are a glowing orange ore found deep underground near the planet core. It rewards you with the Personal Tricorder , and 50 Pixels. This page was last modified on 14 August 2016, at 02:38.

Follow the information given by Vinalisj during the Dark Cavern. Finishing this quest will grant you a Personal Tricorder, 3 techs (1 for each slot) and a brochure to the Science Outpost. starbound frackin universe getting started quest. "We are currently in orbit around an unknown world., "Perhaps this friendly creature can help us repair our ship and get off of this world. Within the Dark Cavern you will have the opportunity to loot Ancient Chests.

With your help I know we can triumph. ", "Thanks to Vinalisj, you've managed your first steps towards escaping this planet. ", beam down to the planet's surface using the,, Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike. It is obtained by meeting Vinalisj and accepting it from him. You need to chop down vines (can found in caves) and craft bandage with plant fibres (you get this from vines). You need 2 Iron Bars, 2 Copper Bars, and 4 Paper. These are accessed by right-clicking while holding the Personal Tricorder. If you would like to experience Starbound normally you can easily just do it the way it was intended. I've always enjoyed getting them, that would skip the opening 10-20 hours lmao. It is obtained by meeting Vinalisj and accepting it from him. Your second task is to get the leg tech (Jump Boost). Obviously it revamps the progression to be longer and less directly tiered but I often get lost when trying to craft something because it's not readily apparent how or where to get the prerequisite resources. Many of the basic quests are found in your Personal Tricorder. To the best of my knowledge, everything below this is completely outdated, fuck you. I am using frackin universe which could have ♥♥♥♥♥♥ something in the world generation. Here you will begin the Introduction Quest line. After repairing the gate and traveling through the quest can be turned in to Esther, who will complete the quest and offer the follow up quest Become Space-worthy. Many of the basic quests are found in your Personal Tricorder. Follow your quest compass to find it and enter the Dark Cavern. Some of these are also available from NPCs in the Science Outpost. Do not feel as though you must reach all of them as many contain only minor items. FrackinUniverse Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Hopefully this Getting Started guide has helped you through the first few hours of Starbound. Beginning quests are found from an NPC on your starter planet, a white slug-like being called Vinalisj. I suggest you beam down to the planet's surface using the teleporter, and search for supplies and perhaps a means of fixing the ship.

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