the mouse lemur and the indri quizlet

B. are improperly named since the "mouse" lemur is nearly gorilla-size, much larger than the indri. •Long guard hairs, bushy tail, bat-like ears, huge incisors (up to 6 cm long (2 ½") and continually grow). What is the full title of the lemur movie and who is the host? Based on notes from the University of Calgary's Brian Keating, •Squirrel to cat sized, Largely quadrapedal, display VCL, very specialized, eats only 1 or 2 species, eats mostly ground shoots because they are easy to digest, Genus Microcebus (Lesser mouse lemurs) (Cheirogaleidae), Genus Cheirogaleus (Dwarf Lemurs) (Cheirogaleidae), -Defends territory with modulated series of howls 1-7x per day, 70% of the year. Indri Lemur. Choose from 16 different sets of term:lemur = madagascar flashcards on Quizlet. arboreal adaptation, parental investment, and the presence of dietary plasticity. Diagrams.

results in shorter developmental periods to accommodate the necessary energy expenditures of larger brain size. Which of the following are strepsirhines? To ensure the best experience, please update your browser. •Much reduced tail and limbs, limbs of more or less equal length. oHave 2 to 3 infants (vs the usual one) oKeep infants in the nest oHave one litter per year The mouse lemur and the indri A. represent the range of sizes in living lemurs, though extinct lemurs included larger forms. ... spend most time on the ground. Large ears continuously growing incisors 1/0/1/3 1/0/0/3 elongated digits of the land nocturnal and solitary ... Quizlet Live. C. are found in the Old World and the New World, respectively. trees are being cut down; they have no protection without trees, what type of lemurs was cleese looking for, the form of anatomical structure (shape, size), traits or a combination of traits in an ancestral form, each is uniquely adapted to their habitat, Arboreal adaptation, four specific traits, Eyes are rotated to the front of the head with overlapping fields of vision, Smell is a secondary sense in most primates, primates eat a variety of foods, their teeth effect this adaptive versatility, Tertiary: different time periods and dominate primate of each, earliest catarrhine,from fayum, last common ancestor of own, apes and humans, Most primate fossils from this period come from the Fayum region of Egypt, Mountains of Eastern Africa- gorilla beringi, Broad, widely flaring noses with outward facing nostrils. Ringtail Lemur. represent the range of sizes in living lemurs, though extinct lemurs included larger forms. Modern primates are characterized by arboreal adaptations, including. NEW! Relative to body size, primate brain size: is larger among great apes than among other primates. •All dwarf and mouse lemurs are: o"Solitary" but research reveals they have quite complex social networks based upon overlapping female ranges with one male. The mouse lemur and the indri represent the range of sizes in living lemurs, though extinct lemurs included larger forms.

an extinct lemur, with a skull larger than a gorilla's, that lived on Madagascar. is present in nonhuman primates but not humans, because humans lost this feature.

-Apophyseal spines -- stick out of vertebrae on neck. Learn term:lemur = madagascar with free interactive flashcards. The eminent British anatomist Sir Wilfrid E. Le Gros Clark (1895-1971) identified three prominent tendencies. Nocturnal. -Blue eyed black lemur-black and white ruffed lemur-red ruffed lemur-dwarf lemur-mouse lemur (smallest primate)-Indri Indri (1 of largest lemurs)-Diademed lemur-aye aye (largest nocturnal primate, elongated 3rd finger with ball and socket joint for wide range of motion) give birth to fewer offspring than do many other mammals. It looks like your browser needs an update. • Smallest lemur is the mouse lemur or pigmy mouse lemur Mobile. 2 litters in a year sometimes twins depending on the availability of food. Arboreal, visit ground only … Dietary plasticity in primates refers to: The typical dental formula of lorises and lemurs is.

Biggest lemur ever. Red-bellied Lemur. have specialized digestive anatomy for eating leaves. Oh no! an extinct lemur, with a skull larger than a gorilla's, that lived on Madagascar. Flashcards. Primates are intelligent, are long lived, have diverse diets, and exhibit complex social behavior, The dental pattern of Old World higher primates is, arboreal adaptation, dietary plasticity, parental investment. using the forelimbs to move from tree limb to tree limb. •10 species, 5 genera; examples include Bush babies, Lorises and Pottos. • Lemurs • Most lemurs are diurnal not nocturnal bc monkeys never made it Madagascar • Madagascar • Herbivores and insectivores • Complex behaviors • Mostly diurnal • Mostly aboreal • VCL and quadrupeds • Live in groups bc diurnal • Biggest lemur is the indri (30 lbs.) • Of this; Indri is the largest of all strepsirrhines (prosimians) • Indris and sifakas are monkey sized lemurs that move beneath the canopy by VCL. Find GCSE resources for every subject. Quizlet Learn. Megladapis Lemur. A feature unique to human teeth and human ancestors' teeth is. largest living lemur. They are. The increased brain size observed in the order Primates. Which of the following lists is a good characterization of primates? Mouse Lemur.

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