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OGA for OGA Als dieser ermordet wird, muss sich die entfremdete Familie zusammentun um den Täter ausfindig zu machen. Five eventually catches up to A.J. Raymond explains that his part of the fight is in 1963, and Allison offers to rumor him to forget her to take the pain away. Nikki Schiefelbein Sissy asks if Vanya will accompany them out for Harlan's checkup , however Carl remarks that she needs to go with him to the ranch. 3 songs. The Handler puts A.J. Only Five, Luther and Klaus (possessed by Ben) made it to the alley. 's pleas that they can come to some sort of deal; A.J. Allison tells Raymond that she has to leave in twenty-three minutes, and invites him to come with her. Klaus tries to force himself to stay awake so that Ben cannot possess his body; an effort that Ben labels futile, citing that he cannot stay awake forever. As Diego leaves, however, Ben begins to lose control of Klaus' body. The Umbrella Academy - Season 1 Soundtrack 10 Episodes. Five arrives and tells them that it is actually Swedish for "an eye for an eye", and they come to the realization that the Swedes killed Elliott.

Back at the Temps Commission, Lila introduces Diego to the Handler, her mother. 14 Feb 2019. Otto punches Allison in the neck, preventing her from speaking and using her powers. Luther tells her that they don't belong and must return to their own timeline, but Allison remarks that it isn't fair. To his frustration, the candy gets stuck in the machine, leading Five to destroy it in anger. Episode 3 - Extra Ordinary. Klaus then pukes out Ben along with vomit. The Handler gathers the Commission and breaks the news to the supervisors that the Board of Directors has been assassinated. The Umbrella Academy's incredible soundtrack was just one element of what made the Netflix show's debut so great, and The Umbrella Academy season 2 doesn't disappoint on the music front either. Vanya and Carl arrive by a field of cows, where he tells her that he knows about the relationship between her and Sissy. In the future, The Boy finds Luther's body with the glass eye in his hand, then discovers the bodies of several more siblings; end credits. She remarks that it is her duty to assume control of the Commission, and that the briefcase room will be temporarily closed as a precaution. Allison is hopeful, however, when she realizes that she could go back and see Claire again, but she also doesn't trust that Five will get it right this time. "Öga for Öga"[1] ("An Eye For an Eye") is the seventh episode in the second season of The Umbrella Academy. 2 Ben possesses Klaus and indulge in the simplicities in life, such as eating an orange and walking bare foot on the grass and soil.

Five agrees, but tells her to be at the Alley in thirty-minutes. 5 songs. A.J runs off while Five fights with the receptionist, eventually knocking her out. Despite Sissy's remarks that Harlan is calmer with Vanya around, Carl insists that Vanya go with him. The two remark that Elliott must've been getting too close to the truth. Die erste Staffel wurde am 15. He approaches a receptionist and asks her for change, which he then uses to get a candy from a vending machine. The Handler agrees, and says that she's earned it. First, there was the opening song with a flashback involving Lila. Die Netflix-Serie spielt im Jahr 1977 und basiert auf die gleichnamigen Comics von Autor Gerard Way und Illustrator Gabriel Bá, in dem der US-Präsident niemals ermordet wurde. Luther takes on Hazel; Klaus dancing through the hallways, oblivious to the gunfire; Cha Cha fights Allison.

She claims the briefcase will aid him and his family in their efforts to get back to 2019, but there is a catch, they have only have 90 minutes to get home from the exchange of the case. Episode 1 - Episode 1. Diego is disappointed when he learns that Lila is a member of the Commission, and that she was just using him to get to Five.

Episode 2 - Run Boy Run .

Axel, out of sadness and frustration runs out of the house. Jill notices that something different about Klaus, but says that she likes it. Lila talks to Diego, but he is not happy to see her, and calls her out for lying. He gatecrashes the meeting of the Temps Commission Board of Directors, killing each one of them.

14 Feb 2019. She says that she wants to do things her own way, with her own hand-picked team. Vanya looks at Sissy and says it's fine and she'll go with Carl. In turn, Ben and Diego talk about something only Ben would know. Episode guide Detektive & Mörder: Die 100 besten Krimi-Romane aller Zeiten, Gut und günstige Gaming-Maus: Die 10 besten Gaming-Mäuse unter 50 Euro, Die 100 besten Science Fiction Bücher aller Zeiten, Die 20 besten exklusiven Spiele für die Nintendo Switch, NBA Spieler: Die 50 reichsten Basketballspieler der Welt. Lila is reluctant to cooperate with the Handler's ridiculous notions, but is surprised when the Handler appoints Lila the head of security. The two share a drink for Elliott, but it is quickly revealed that what she has given Diego is a sedative. He asks if Allison wants to go with, however she remarks that she isn't feeling too well and will see him later. After Five travels to 1982 to carry out his new mission, the siblings face a flurry of difficult decisions. Sissy is confused and reluctant to leave without telling Carl. Five rebukes the Handler, citing that 90-minutes isn't enough given his family is scattered across the city, but the Handler remarks that any longer and people will begin asking questions. 138 liked songs • 171.1k views • music supervisor Maggie Phillips & Christine Greene Roe. in a bowl on her desk, and asks for Lila's opinion on the new security uniforms she has been exploring. When the police corner them, Vanya uses her powers, but is hit and knocked unconscious. Alle fünf wurden von dem Wissenschaftler Reginald Hargreeves (Colm Feore) adoptiert. The three of them split up to find the other members of the Umbrella Academy. They see "öga för öga" drawn on the floor in Elliott's blood, which leads them to believe that it is the work of someone named Olga Foroga. Allison is conflicted, but questions about doomsday; Luther explains that they can avert doomsday if they go back. Things are tense in the Cooper household between Carl and Sissy. Raymond is in a rush at the Chestnut house when he reveals to Allison that their sit in got the attention of some pretty powerful people who want to sit down for a meeting. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Alle fünf wurden von dem Wissenschaftler Reginald Hargreeves (Colm Feore) adoptiert. Sissy and Harlan leave moments later. The Handler assumes control of the Temps Commission. Five is about to kill A.J but gets tackled by the receptionist because of what he did to the vending machine. In the future, The Boy walks down the road pulling a wagon containing Dolores; montage of The Boy surviving in the apocalyptic futures for decades. The Handler then locates Five, where she where she exchanges a briefcase for A.J., who is now kept in a plastic bag. "Öga for Öga"1("An Eye For an Eye") is the seventh episode in the second season of The Umbrella Academy.

Five finds Vanya and tells her that they have to go back to 2019, but she is reluctant to go without Sissy and Harlan. Episode 4 - Man On The Moon. 5 songs. Vanya tells Sissy that Carl already knows she had an affair. 10 songs. Five tells her that it isn't an option, and that nobody is insignificant in the timeline. "A Light Supper" In a wheel-spinning episode, what should be the season’s emotional high point ends up being a variation on the same stuff we already know. Episode 4 of The Umbrella Academy had three good music montages. The Boy takes down the armed men in Griddy's Doughnuts, then digs a tracker out of his arm. He sees an axe and grabs it as a weapon. Klaus asks Ben to cut him some slack given the trauma surrounding Dave he is going through, Ben remarks that the pain Klaus is feeling is routine for Ben. Meanwhile, Carl issues a warning to Vanya. 138 liked songs • 171.1k views • music supervisor Maggie Phillips & Christine Greene Roe. Sie umfasst zehn Folgen mit einer Episodendauer von jeweils 45–60 Minuten. This is then enough to force her to leave. Luther and Diego discover that Elliott is dead. On the way to their destination, Vanya learns that Sissy left a note for Carl. The two showdown but Five is able to hold his own and Vanya eventually stands down, agreeing to go with him if she can say goodbye. Five knocks out Gloria and changes the message she was supposed to send. Ben explains to Diego that he isn't Klaus, but Ben, but Diego has a hard time believing him. 1989 - Reginald Hargreaves heads home with the seven babies he adopted.

THE UMBRELLA ACADEMY was released on Netflix last month and has already gained legions of fans worldwide.

July 31, 2020 Lila is saddened when she realizes that Diego is digging a grave for Elliott. Februar 2019 auf Netflix veröffentlicht. A fight breaks out between Allison, Raymond and the Swedes. Following their conversation earlier, Klaus agrees that Ben can possess him as long as he abides by some ground rules. is not killed, however, as per the Handler's orders. The Umbrella Academy ist eine US-amerikanische Fernsehserie, die auf der gleichnamigen durch Dark Horse Comics veröffentlichten Comicreihe von Gerard Way und Gabriel Bá basiert. "The Seven Stages" They share a kiss before the Swedes arrive and attack Allison. Ben finds Jill and the two of them lie together in the soil. Next Five becomes increasingly annoyed and angry that the Umbrella Academy could not complete one simple task. Five travels to the location the Handler gave him in 1982. Diego ask a question about something they did to Allison's teddy bear during their childhood that only they two would know. The Umbrella Academy; Season 1; Episodes + add episode. As he leaves, Allison tells Ray that she loves him, but he doesn't repeat the statement back to her and just smiles, much to her disappointment. The song for that flashback was Marty Robbins’ “Love Is … She promises the Commission that a full investigation is underway, and that they will find those responsible. Writer The siblings begin to assemble in the alleyway, but not all of them arrive in time. Episode Director As the briefcase activates, Five is forced to throw it away from them.

Raymond tells her that he cannot leave Dallas and the movement, and Allison explains that not even in 2019 is the movement done. Die Handlung zur Netflix-Serie The Umbrella Academy: In der Serie “The Umbrella Academy” geht es um die fünf Helden Luther (Tom Hopper), Diego (David Castaneda), Allison (Emmy Raver-Lampman), Vanya (Ellen Page), Klaus (Robert Sheehan) und Number Five (Aidan Gallagher). Ben tries to explain that he isn't Klaus, but Diego interrupts and says that he has to go. In der Serie “The Umbrella Academy” geht es um die fünf Helden Luther (Tom Hopper), Diego (David Castaneda), Allison (Emmy Raver-Lampman), Vanya (Ellen Page), Klaus (Robert Sheehan) und Number Five (Aidan Gallagher). The offbeat superhero series returns with a mix of classic songs, remixes and unique covers as the former students of the Umbrella Academy adjust to their new lives in the 1960s and try to stop the … Carl threatens to send Harlan off to a facility "better equipped to handle his type", but remarks that he wouldn't if Vanya left. Air date Ben wants to possess Klaus' body to speak to Jill. Possessing Klaus, Ben tells Jill that he has been fixated on her since they met, but when Jill questions if they want to have sex, Ben becomes nervous, but begins to lose control of Klaus' body. Cha Cha and Hazel shoot up the department store in an attempt to get The Boy; The Boy sits cradling Dolores as the police arrive. Ben answers correctly and this is enough to convince him.

7 Previous One standout element of these series is the show-stopping soundtrack.

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