which of these is a sign that a state with a constitution is really an authoritarian state?

Because rulers cannot themselves implement their policies, they need to rely on a set of organizations (armies, courts, police agencies, tax collectors) to implement it. Each built on the ideas of those before concerning what those principles might be. In which type of economic system does government play the smallest role. B. They were taken from the Byzantine code Basilika (book VII, 1, 16–17). [52] The Petition offered hereditary monarchy to Oliver Cromwell, asserted Parliament's control over issuing new taxation, provided an independent council to advise the king and safeguarded "Triennial" meetings of Parliament. [18], Scholars such as Seymour Lipset,[19] Carles Boix, Susan Stokes,[20] Dietrich Rueschemeyer, Evelyne Stephens and John Stephens[21] argue that economic development increases the likelihood of democratization. Some countries, mainly those with uncodified constitutions, have no such courts at all. The second would include such elements as the making of decisions by public conventions called by public notice and conducted by established rules of procedure. It was in force in Sardinia until it was superseded by the code of Charles Felix in April 1827. [99] According to Charles H. Fairbanks Jr., "all the new states that stumbled out of the ruins of the Soviet bloc, except Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan, seemed indeed to be moving toward democracy in the early 1990s" as where the countries of East Central Europe and the Balkans.

[17][18], The most common reasons for these continuous changes are the political desire of an immediate outcome and the scarcity of time devoted to the constitutional drafting process. The Constitution of Canada came into force on July 1, 1867 as the British North America Act, an act of the British Parliament. Prior to the 1990s, most of these elections had no alternative parties or candidates for voters to vote on. In 594 BC, Solon, the ruler of Athens, created the new Solonian Constitution. Bodin’s theory was the forerunner of the 17th-century doctrine known as the divine right of kings, whereby monarchy became the predominate form of government in Europe. (1996). A state has sovereignty when it is able to do which of the following, Establishing prisons to hold criminals and reduce crime, Which function of government would most likely be most important to Hobbes, Each state government can be different and tailored to the needs of the state, Which of these could be considered an advantage of having a federal system in the US, Education through high school is provided for free, Which of these is a socialist aspect of the American mixed economy, Which function of government fulfills the FDIC, Provide vouchers for health care to the unemployed, A government using a socialist approach would be most likely willing to do which of these, Only capitalism stresses private ownership of business, How do the goals of socialism differ from the goals of capitalism, A nation cam become a state when it has which of these, Which principle of democracy establishes freedom of speech, Multiple parties take part in every election, but only one party ever wins, Which of these is a sign that a state with a constitution is really am authoritarian state, The decision making of the EPA falls under which category of government function, Before 1986 Greece was most likely which of these, An unsuccessfulbusiness could receive governmental support, In a pure capitalist system which of the following could occur, Natural resource extraction is controlled by the state, Which of these is a characteristic of a command economy, Federal laws can benefit states without taking away state powers, In the federal system of the US, which is true, United by bonds of race, language, custom, or religion, Gives all key power to central government, Capitalists who own the means of production, To let alone; Adam smith's economic approach, Power held by a few people or one political party, Constitution places limits on powers of those who govern, Threat of violence allows governmental work to get done, Extensive government control of the economy, Parties representing the majority makes most laws, Combines elements of capitalism and socialism, National and state governments share power, Community with organized government in a territory, All economic decisions made by the government.
The social contract in the original case was between the king and the nobility, but was gradually extended to all of the people.

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