why do whippets sleep so much

Depending on what breed the other parent would be the new dog’s weight could range between 9 and 80 pounds and length from 10 to 24 inches. You might have assumed them to be aggressive after knowing that they are the descendants of greyhounds and have a history of chasing prey. Many years back Whippets were popular among miner families who had to leave their kids behind at home and go for work. Whippets need to socialise and enjoy some quality time with the people around them.

At night, your Whippet will sleep peacefully, knowing that its owners are asleep and there is little scope of socialising. Anything with a whippet in it is going to be fabulous because our whippets are simply the best, brightest, fastest and have so much love to offer. Getting a mix that contains a breed that is not as energetic might be just the ticket. Well, here is your answer. They are also very obedient as well, making them easy to train and handle. Whippets are calm, gentle, friendly, quiet (rarely bark), playful and oh so affectionate.

They have much lung capacity for their speedy sprints when chasing down prey. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. How To Make Sure Your Whippets Sleep Is Comfortable?

They are royalty!

If you have quite a few Whippets at your place, you will notice them huddling together while sleeping instead of sprawling in their individual spaces. But do remember the need for regular exercise.

All you need to do is give your Whippets lots of love and they will forever remain loyal and obedient. Whippets have a ton of nervous energy built up, they need to work it off regularly, otherwise, they get bored and engage in destructive behaviour.

Looking at your whippet all sedate and docile you wouldn’t think them fast as they sleep on the couch but you know how fast they really are. This is not very surprising considering the fact that this sighthound breed is a descendant of the greyhounds.

I decided to create a blog where I can share knowledge, tips and tricks, useful products and more with whippet lovers around the world.

If they do follow commands and hear you employ those words often enough, it’s possible that they may understand that you are not terribly fond of them digging holes all over the place.

If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. They have the fastest running time for breeds in their weight class and it is believed they can also accelerate quicker than any other breed. This pair will certainly keep you on your toes, after all, it’s common knowledge that cats and dogs aren’t... Having owned many whippets across the last 20 years, I have learned a thing or two about this wonderful breed. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. They can be couch potatoes, but can run anytime they are given the chance.

If you're looking for fun facts, training advice or even general information about your whippet, then you're in the right place. So as an owner you need to set up a healthy routine where your Whippet can get enough sleep from time to time. I want the process of understanding your whippet … If you're looking for fun facts, training advice or even general information about your whippet, then you're in the right place. Having the luxury of owning a whippet is amazing, and building a bond with your pet is something many whippet owners love to do. They served 2 purposes for the miner families: So if you are asking how Whippets manage to sleep so much, it is also because they absolutely love comfort. However, it took me just a fraction of a second to fall in love with the fast running, food stealing, bundle of joy. A good session of physical training will induce exhaustion within them which will make them happy and sleepy. Is A Whippet Faster Than A Greyhound? I couldn’t agree more; Whippets are so much more wonderful than this article tries to imply. This will make your buddy sleep soundly for hours.

Initially, you might be taken aback by their grace, poise, and running speed. This might be a spot in your back yard where you have sod or a sandpit – somewhere you don’t mind your whippet digging. Even if you have a single Whippet, you will notice him leaving his kennel and snuggling up to you at night. Do Whippets Like The Beach?

Or maybe sprawl across the comfy rug! You can own a dog with some extra qualities plus a whippets excellent virtues. He or she may be gone in a flash chasing after a small mammal and you would never be able to catch them. The whippet has a lovable, amiable disposition and that would be added into the mix of the new breed along with eye colour and coat colour. This slender breed is highly exuberant.

An affiliate advertising program is designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to 3rd Party Sites. Sighthounds are all business while working and some can reach up to 40 mph. Consult your nearby pet store or a vet about a toy that may work to occupy whippet’s mind. Feel free to research them if you are considering a whippet mix or just for your own curiosity. I hope I have been able to answer your queries about why do whippets sleep so much through this article. They will cheerily greet friends as well as strangers to your home. Such behaviour should slow down considerably after they reach 2 years of age and completely phase out past age 5. Okay, so you will have to hide all your food, and you will spend time explaining to children that, yes, you do indeed feed your dog. Once they exhaust themselves while training, exercising, or running, they can sleep like a log for hours.

Despite being a very calm-natured and unaggressive breed, they tend to break into a chase when they see small prey. Partially supported by Amazon Affiliate Links, which may earn us a small commission if you click on them. Why Do Whippets Sleep So Much? They can eat like a champ and will happily devour their food as a contestant in a Nathan’s hot dog eating competition would do. Today as you cuddle on the couch with your favourite little fur child, I’m going to answer the question, “Is A Whippet A Cross Breed?”. One of the factors of Whippet sleeping is they like to tire themselves out to the point of … there’s a lot in here that is just wrong (not specific to the breed but rather to dogs that haven’t been trained), and some that’s right but exaggerated as problematic when it actually isn’t. Also, not to mention their impressive sleep time! First, determine if the problem is acute enough to warrant serious, concerted action to slow your whippet down. They are in fact a mixed breed in a way that has merged two purebred dogs with one another. Temperament is another consideration when choosing a mixed breed whippet.

Whippets have originated from England which has cold and moist weather. The working class in England wanted a smaller greyhound to be used for hunting and racing. Whippets are very social creatures, they do not like being alone. In fact, they are excellent runners when they are provided with a wide-open field.

A crossbreed is a dog that is a mixture or crossing of two separate breeds, or if one of those dogs is already a mix, several breeds. Also, the whippet is extremely fast, so fast you don’t want to let it run free.

Create a safe area where they can dig. A whippet puppy should not be left alone, uncrated, for more than three hours at a time. One of the factors of Whippet sleeping is they like to tire themselves out to the point of exhaustion so that they get to enjoy a good nap. That is in case your Whippet is not busy getting its beauty sleep. I’ve had my Whippet for 8 years, and he is the *ideal* pet. Whippets are ultimately dogs and their instincts are to have fun, look for new smells, get exercise unless they are tired and sometimes to bury stuff – maybe a toy or a bone. link to Do Whippets Like The Beach? They can inherit traits in many different ways, from temperament to physicality, such as eye colour and build. Partially supported by Amazon Affiliate Links, which may earn us a small commission if you click on them. Again, there are exceptions to every rule but it is something to consider. These factors keep this graceful breed sane and healthy. If you would like your whippet mix to be a little more protective then getting a dog that has some defence added might suit you more. Refined is the word!

We will be examining one such topic today. they have exercised quite a bit, they do stop when you yell a voice command) but they continue to dig whenever they can (e.g.

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It is not definite as you can’t be sure which breeds dominant traits the new dog will acquire. Yes, they can most certainly be crossbred. They rely mostly on vision but usually have a smaller head with a deep chest to enclose their larger lungs and heart. This does not necessarily mean the mix would be these colours.

About Us  Privacy Policy  Terms and Conditions  Disclaimer Policy. In fact, a whippet is not a miniature greyhound but does embody some greyhound.

Having the luxury of owning a whippet is amazing, and building a bond with your pet is something many whippet owners love to do. But again, you have a dog and sometimes their instincts will take over. This is only possible if they get to do a lot of different activities.

Whippets are a sighthound breed that often worked in tandem with scent hounds. This breed can sleep for 19 to 20 hours every single day.

If your back yard looks like a whole colony of gophers went to town on it, your dog is likely digging way too much. Whippet sleeping has attracted a lot of fascination and questions about how they can manage to sleep for so many hours. Whippets are a fascinating breed that exhibits a lot of contrasting characteristics. A whippet mix would be the merging of any purebred whippet and another pedigree breed. This will lure them there, and once they find out that they don’t get yelled at for digging there, perhaps the lesson will stick.

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