why is futurama ps2 so expensive

If you decide to pick it up, beware of counterfeit copies. I guess fans were let down?

This could be due to the mixed reviews it received or the unfamiliar Japanese story the game has. Great name recognition and really low sales result in a game worth BIG bucks later in life. .Hack//Quarantine Is the 4th game in the .Hack series. The visuals of Silent Hill 2 were jaw-dropping for the time, and many Nintendo fans were ready to come to Sony in search of more grown-up games.

One of the video game systems that people are going back and collecting for is the PlayStation 2. Steven is a professional marketing writer, author, and hopelessly ghetto gamer. Regardless it is viewed as a hidden gem on the system by many people today. But the same goes for Futurama. If you are read my previous article titled 10 Awesome PS2 Games You Might Have Missed, then you are already familiar with this game.

The spaceship crashes while landing killing many passengers causing their spirits to wonder the ship.

Xenosaga 3 now costs around $85-$90 for a complete copy. (Look at, The point is, each console generation has a gamer generation to go with it. According to Pricecharting.com, the price for MVC2 is still rising sharply every day. Was this genre less popular back in the PS2 days? The publisher knew it was going to be controversial, so they only made a limited number of copies.

That means it’s the best time to shift our attention away from the lost cause of PS2 collecting, and start building up that collection of Playstation 3 games. Both storylines make you investigate the strange occurrences taking place around the premises of an ancient manor. You can check eBay for current pricing. Press J to jump to the feed. The game is now worth around $80-$85 for a complete copy.

They are getting expensive. The game takes place in a small village in feudal Japan where you can choose between 2 storylines. If you haven’t already got your copy, it may be too late to get it at a fair price. If my theory is wrong, and prices do come back down to earth after the pandemic, you’ll definitely want to grab a copy. It continues the story from the last 2 games (3 if you want to include Xenogears for the PS1) which is extremely complicated and confusing.

This game is similar to Kuon by being only for the hardcore horror fans and collectors. For example, your arms have been replaced by swords, your elbow is a Gatling gun, your knee is a cannon, and many more.

Cookies help us deliver our Services. The high price makes this one really popular for fakers. I'm in Europe, and didn't really check other regions.

This arcade classic has always been fairly hard to find.

But I did put together a list of still-cheap SNES games that still seems to stand up alright, as well as a Ghetto Guide to Collecting Retro Games to help you navigate the always-increasing price of this hobby.

Samurai Western is a hack and slash game that was released back in 2005. If you’re thinking about starting to collect Playstation 3 games, you’ll definitely want to keep that in mind.

The game is very well done so if you are a fan of hack and slash and find Samurai Western for a decent price, you definitely want to pick it up. (I guess that answers your question.).

As for Silent Hill: Shattered Memories? The game had very low reviews when it was first released causing the game to sell terribly.

If you think I’m right, leave a comment or find me on Twitter.

This is the definitive Reddit source for video game collectors or those who would like to start collecting interactive entertainment. It just doesn’t seem to happen in the video games market.

I hope you picked those up when you could, because you’ve got to have some deep pockets to get them today.

Close. Hmmm…. In the game, you play as a young woman named Jennifer who is trapped in an orphanage during the 1930s. Why is "Despicable Me" for the PS2 so expensive?

If you are more into action games and want a bunch of gunfights and explosions, you might want to pass on Echo Night Beyond.

That would explain why demand for old Resident Evil games, Silent Hill, and Clock Tower games are all trading quite high these days. The game now is one of the rarest games on the system making it one of the most valuable games to own for PS2 and horror collectors. The Sony Playstation 2 is one of the best-selling consoles of all time, with one of the biggest games catalogs ever.

to see recently sold copies. That will be your last chance; this game is going to be highly collectable from here on out. Def Jam offered something really unique for the PS2, rather than another MK or SF clone. Only the rare or sought after games are going up. You must find hiding places and wait for openings to run past your foes. The PAL version isn't too expensive, but I actually really liked the game. The platforming is fiddly as shit sometimes though, I remember getting frustrated trying to walk across tightropes and shit. If you aren’t already collecting PS2 games, it may be too late.

You play as a samurai that travels from Japan to the Wild West in order to find his brother.

Playstation 2 collecting has become quite a thing lately, and shows no sign of stopping. The visuals of Silent Hill 2 were jaw-dropping for the time, and many Nintendo fans were ready to come to Sony in search of more grown-up games. Not sure why it's value is so high, but I can tell you from experience that it sucks.

The game series is based off an anime of the same name. So if you make any purchases it will help this site.

come back down to earth after the pandemic, you’ll definitely want to grab a copy.

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