why was wallenstein assassinated

Collected themes - browse stories and anecdotes from the history of the Habsburg Monarchy. The work in four movements is also called a symphony. After the assassination, he rewarded them. He was assassinated at Eger in Egerland by one of the army's officials, Walter Devereux. Caesar's death resulted in a long series of civil wars that ended in the death of the Roman Republic and the birth of the Roman Empire. Wallenstein Assassinated in Cheb In December Wallenstein retired with his army to Bohemia, around Pilsen.

Wallenstein recovered his lands (which the rebels had seized in 1619) and after the Battle of White Mountain (8 November 1620) he secured the estates belonging to his mother's family and confiscated tracts of Protestant lands. The men who carried out the assault and murder were richly rewarded. With this apparent "plan" he entered into negotiations with Saxony, Brandenburg, Sweden, and France. He was descended from the old Bohemian lords of Waldstein.

[14], He used his wealth to win favour, offering and commanding 200 horses for Archduke Ferdinand of Styria for his war with Venice in 1617, thereby relieving the fortress of Gradisca from the Venetian siege. Wallenstein associated himself with the cause of the Catholics and the Habsburg dynasty. The enormous fortune of the Lukretia is estimated at about 400,000 guilders and created the economic basis for the rise of Wallenstein. [35], After his arrival at Cheb, however, certain senior Scottish and Irish officers in his force assassinated him on the night of February 25. [31], However, circumstances forced Ferdinand to recall Wallenstein into the field. Wallenstein however, manages to cut down Or-Gaule's Deus Ex Machina and almost defeated him, only to be killed himself by Naseem Al-Salem. JP Cooper, "The New Cambridge Modern History" The Thirty Years' War 1st ed. At this point, Wallenstein even considered changing sides, establishing contact with the Swedes. The assassination set off a rapid chain of events, as Austria-Hungary immediately blamed the Serbian government for the attack. Unnamed Sword: Wallenstein was shown to have a very large sword as his Device, which he could overpower many foes with, without much effort. [38], Wallenstein was buried at Jičín. He later persuaded Nagi to join Rebellion, but only after Wallenstein had paid Nagi one-hundred million dollars. Österreichische Geschichte 1522–1699, Wien 2003, S. 104–108, 384. [22] The successes of Gustavus Adolphus over General Tilly at the Battle of Breitenfeld and the Lech (1632), where Tilly was killed, and his advance to Munich and occupation of Bohemia, required a vigorous response. Next, Wallenstein was able to secure his family’s land, confiscated large tracts of Protestant lands and named his territory Friedland in northern Bohemia.

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