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Not a club that is anyway close to my heart, to be perfectly honest I don’t really care much for them or their supporters. However, football has to learn the lessons - most of the wild financial gambles fail. Wigan Athletic: Kirkland, Melchiot, Bramble, Scharner, Figueroa, N'Zogbia, Thomas Cattermole, De Ridder, Scotland, King OLD TRAFFORD, Manchester - The Wigan fans gathered into Old Trafford, as around 5,000 packed into one corner of the stadium, cheering their hearts out for the team. The Official Wigan Athletic vs Swansea City Match Thread on 13:11 - Oct 30 with 4104 views: WxmJax: Bought ours online last night after missing the deadline again for the cheaper ones.

As any sensible fan is.

Fans. They have reached thier target and its currently at £509,211. Perhaps more interesting is the fact that if Spurs managed to get their result then Steve Bruce would have overseen […], We’re back in a Blind Date style, trying to decide which of us w…, Cure those self isolation blues with a non invasive dose of the Pie At…, Yep, it’s a COVID-19 special. The scene of where things fell apart last season (well if we ignore Stanley Choi, Au Yeung and the EFL that is) comparing the performance at Charlton with that of Crewe is […], In a Soulful Christmas Mood The Christmas song has been given a bad press in recent years, no doubt partly influenced by Simon Cowell and his legacy of X-Factor one week wonders that hijacked the Christmas number one for over a decade. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment.

It’s going to be an up hill struggle for next few months but we have to stick behind them and sadly social media Copyright © 1998-2019 Operation Sports LLC | Core, Doug Flutie's Maximum Football 2020 Review, Poll: Which next-gen console are you going to purchase?

Lion of Vienna, August 29 in Main Discussion - Norwich City. Maybe if assimilated/annexed by one of the local giants and become essentially Man u/ City u 23 and reserves....not sure if this is even allowed.

However, unless the Sugar Daddy has many billions, it doesn't work. Hope you don’t mind me coming on your forum, I just wanted to bring up the subject of Wigan Athletic. We can only hope they are saved, and that it took Bury's regrettable fall to focus a few minds. Copyright 2010 Archant Ltd It’s the pure ignorance of the statement.

This is a football club who have been absolutely shafted by greed and unscrupulous owners. Next Thread They would also be more professional in controlling who takes over ownership of clubs. > Dynasty Headquarters Join The Vital Wigan Forum. Join In On The Active Vital Wigan Forum. « Sign up for a new account in our community.

It’s nearly happened to our club on a couple of occasions. Not a club that is anyway close to my heart, to be perfectly honest I don’t really care much for them or their supporters. Would the same thing be said about us? It's easy! Dancing With The Ghosts Of Wigan Casino, 1973 The cold December wind cut through the hole in the window and its […], Is it just me (probably/possibly) but the “new” England home shirt looked a tad tacky? Let’s take a look at Saturday’s trip to Charlton shall we? If clubs are continually propped up, and there are no consequences then this cycle will never end. Football has never been a business as far as fans are concerned. I agree that it shouldn't be, but that doesn't change the fact that it is. It was fun watching them rattle a lot of media darling cages under Allardyce, who is a far better manager than the media paint him as, and that Bolton team proved it. For a club with a low number fanbase impressive to see nearly £350K raised already. The management of the Premiership, EFL and FA leaves much to be desired and I suspect that they have failed to develop or buy-in the skills required to be running football in the current financial world.

Bit of a warning for many teams - what happens if they go / the money runs out? I do share the sentiment though, probably for different reasons, not apathy to their plight but a desire that actions ultimately should have appropriate consequences and bailing teams out is not fair to teams who are run properly (again, this is not particularly based upon the Wigan situation, as I have very little knowledge of it). I’m a Bolton fan and we’ve never taken these relative newcomers to the Football League very seriously, they have an intense dislike of us as a club and a minority of their supporters took great delight when we came close to being liquidated a year ago. Couldn't risk missing out on a pie if you don't get a voucher at the gate, assuming it's also pay on the day. City fan, not a football fan then! > Other Sports Dynasties i'm following. It is currently Tue Nov 03, 2020 2:20 am Maybe not for glory hunters (who don’t really count) but for fans of most clubs like Wigan or Bolton or Norwich it’s a  lifelong passion, a sense of belonging and togetherness. The shoe is now very much on the other foot, but it’s not a time to rejoice at a fellow clubs demise. Whilst I don't quite agree with the insensitivity of the first post and I do sympathise with their fans, I do agree with the sentiment. If a teams training ground is close enough to be of use to more than one other Club, then unless they are all huge clubs , there will be issues of support base etc. Vital Wigan Site Available. Big Screen and Programme Messages. Imagine if people stated that about Norwich. Menu News Matches Tickets Teams Search. I agree that it shouldn't be, but that doesn't change the fact that it is. Forum: Wigan Athletic FC. If you can help, as one or two of your fans already have, please do so, do it for Wigan, so they can continue to regard my team as their most bitter rivals, and do it for the greater good of the game. Clubs become dependant upon a flow of cash that can't be maintained. Join The Vital Wigan Forum This Site Is Available Vital Latics Video & Podcasts Zone. They act as if they are bedazzled by the riches of Premiership football and the top clubs, and show a serious lack of vision or any plan to make football in this country sustainable.

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